Support for users who have both IOS & Android

Hi, I have the app up & running fine on my iPhone. I have the same app installed in my Android Tab S 2 . On my Tablet it says I’m at the front of queue. Then I updated the app in G/play & it gave me the same message . I would like to know how I can use both devices to access my Mondo account as I do with my other banking apps. I don’t want two accounts & at this stage I have no idea how to tell my android app I’m already a user & I just want to Login. Ty in advance

It sounds like you may have accidentally signed up for another account on your Android device?

If you are on the Google Play Beta for Monzo on Android and sign in to the app using the same email address you use on iOS, it should allow you to use the beta version of the Android app as normal. That’s how it has worked for me at least!

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Opt into receiving the beta version of the app through the play store and you should be able to see your regular Mondo account on your phone.

It’s not quite as feature rich as the iOS version but provides the instant notifications and transaction feed.

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Thanks . I think this is what I have done…oooops…

Why thank you kind Sir. I shall try to find beta …

Actually I hade the same issues. I had the App on iPhone and Android and when I reached the top of the queue and I activated it on iPhone but then the Android App was still at the same screen.
I deleted the app from android and installed it again and i was able to access my account instantly.

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