Support for Samsung Pay

There’s nothing stopping you from switching.

Although if you do stay with Monzo, I’m sure you’ll find it’s not that bad that this isn’t supported :slight_smile:


Also, there is also nothing stopping you from having both

Could run Monzo as your main account and keep a bit in Starling for feeding your watch


Not having Samsung Pay supported it’s too bad per se.
Isn’t Monzo supposed to be the bank of the future?

Let’s face it, we can all live without this feature, however, not having it, basically means taking away a benefit from your clients, which, especially for the EU, would be a huge slice.

@simonb - What are the figures now in comparison to back in August 2018? I personally user GPay so it’s not an issue for myself, (I don’t like the Samsung Pay hides at the bottom of your screen, and you swipe up to go into it - (It’s annoying)).

Don’t get me wrong, if Monzo are supposed to be the Bank of the future, then (yes it’s a nice to have feature, but not crucial as Samsung phones use Android, so it’s easier to go with the Digital Wallet that has the most market share to start with).

At the moment it’s the 23rd most requested feature on here. It could be that while people would like this, they’d much rather have the other things above this but either way it appears that not much has changed since it was first requested :slightly_frowning_face:

Being a “bank of the future” doesn’t mean they have to support everything - just be aware of advancements and adapt where necessary :slight_smile:


Monzo clearly have no immediate plans for this. Paying with a watch was a complete fad for me. I did it for a few weeks then went back to using my phone. If you really must use your Samsung watch then get a cashback card like an amex and do all (most of) your spending on that. Cashback and using your Samsung watch. Double joy.

I would hope that it will become available at some point. If Monzo’s mission is to make money work for everyone and the lack of this feature is somewhat preventing that from happening then I don’t see a reason for it never to happen.

I haven’t seen the figures myself but I expect that’s probably confidential data that Samsung would likely not want us to share.

There’s several variables here and that’s definitely one. Another is whether there is clearly a strong business need for us to do something, and another variable is what impact a feature might have on revenue, and how that contrasts with our engineering time, our marketing time, etc.

In terms of straight user votes, whether that’s here or in other areas of user research, it comes down to what’s needed for that specific thing. Building this, would obviously require payments engineers and Mastercard specialists. But, if there’s other things that are far more highly requested than this, and also require payments engineers and Mastercard specialists, then obviously that affects prioritisation.

Obviously I personally would love us to build every single feature that users have voted for, but that’s not realistic! It’d be a lot easier if we could always say “We aren’t focusing on X because the people that would build this are working on Y” - but much of the time, whatever “Y” is isn’t far along enough to where we can share anything.


Y not?


Please bring Monzo to Samsung Pay!


What about Samsung Pay to Monzo? :wink:

I guess there is some form of benefit a company gets for using their own services or payments.

For the record: Samsung mobile phones can use google pay as well, Samsung Pay is just an alternative. Their wearables support samsung pay only mind you.

One big advantage of samsung pay on my Note 9 is that you can use Magstripe card readers so even if the shop you are in doesn’t support chip and pin then you can still use you phone to pay for things even if the only have an old school magnetic card reader.

Oh and as for Touchwiz: yes it’s poor, excessive bloatware that slows down their phones and makes them much slower to upgrade but they are improving it, it’s getting closer and closer to stock android as time goes on.

This sounds great in theory, but honestly when has that happened? It’s been many, many years since I’ve been in a shop that doesn’t have chip & pin.


I believe it’s useful when abroad for that reason.

But yes, very rarely seen in the UK.


Exactly, handy in some countries such as the US.

Also you can still use the NFC for chip and pin. You just get extra functionality

It’s completely disabled on UK and European phones because it’s not secure and our banks won’t allow it. So you can’t use the magstripe feature on UK Samsung Pay - even in the US or other countries (I think it’s just the US that still uses magstripe).

There are no UK retailers that only have magstripe readers - UK retailers only still have them at all for foreign (US) visitors. The magstripe on your UK card will not work in the UK (or anywhere in Europe).

Even the US is finally moving to chip and PIN now.

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The number of posts in this thread and a quick search on Twitter shows that there’s considerable interest in having Monzo available in Samsung Pay. Is it really that difficult to set up? If so then Samsung obviously need to work to improve this. Regretfullly I opened a Starling account last night and will be transferring my Monzo balance over as this is supported by Samsung Pay.


In terms of getting it sort of working it probably is not too difficult

I imagine it is all the other activities around accreditation and support that take the time

Starling use GPS for now so they covered it. If Starling ever migrate from GPS, well…

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It’s not very highly voted here so not sure it will be a priority.

Starling has a great app you’ll love it there.


Yeah, fair point. I’m purely experimenting having just bought a Samsung phone and watch. Maybe I’ll feel stupid paying with my wrist…