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I’ve noticed one of Monzo’s biggest competitors supports all forms of mobile pay services which is EXCELLENT, being a mobile only bank surely Monzo would look to do the same thing and be ahead of the curve and more in line with their customer base, who use fitbits and smart phones/watches.
monzo Is my main account its disappointing i can’t use them with my main devices as im not apple user

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Monzo already support Google Pay, as for the others (Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit etc…) no work is currently being done to support them.

I find it more annoying that these companies bring their own equivalent out rather than try to simply work with Google to be honest.


I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true. :innocent:


Good to know. :slight_smile: I’m guessing no more can be said currently? :wink:

:thinking: :soon: ?

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I’m glad about this. I think it’s really positive that monzo are looking to address that some payment systems aren’t supported. Big :+1:’s up.

:eyes: this is good to hear

I agree but would probably mean a fee would have to be paid to apple for the service by each company which would mean consumers would get charged somewhere…

also google are a company like samsung or garmin why shouldn’t these companies look to have their own payment systems

I find it fragments contactless payments meaning overall there’s less choice as many banks don’t/won’t support the smaller services.

I wouldn’t switch banks just to use a feature on my current wearable; more likely I’d buy a wearable that I know is already compatible. An ideal world would have an open system/framework etc… that could be used by anyone interchangeably.

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They absolutely should for their own benefit. They absolutely shouldn’t for the consumer impact. But it’s the way of the world, as each company clamours for more and more revenue.

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:scream: its going to be the apple pay thread all over again :joy::joy:


Interesting. I really hope there could be some news on Samsung pay.


I prefer Garmin Pay to Samsung Pay, and even on my S10 i use Google Pay

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Well let’s have them all so everyone’s happy :slightly_smiling_face:


I vote none of them as I have Apple Watch already… (how long can we keep these going do ya think?!)

I do love a Friday :smiley:


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