Support for Samsung Pay

There’s some good posts above which hint that some work may be being done to support them in the future.

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Business decisions such as these are not based on ‘fairness’ though, they’re based on economics.


Do Samsung Watches run Android Wear? I thought they had switched to their own operating system for them…

Samsung smartwatches run Tizen OS, which does not have an Android Pay app


Would love to have Monzo on Samsung Pay. Much securer than Google pay. Please add it asap :smile:

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Okay, I will bite

How so?

Google have a reputation for many things, opinions vary as to how positive those things are, but they are extremely strong on security

Honestly I just commented for the first time and already got a hater… cool! Samsung Pay is much secure in the sense that you have to swipe up the tab and the fingerprint authenticate it to take a payment. With Google pay you just simply have to unlock your phone. Not good enough. Also Samsung pay has MST support which Google pay doesn’t.

Don’t flatter yourself

Joining into a community and immediately dispensing a massive hot take is less interesting than you make out

Google Pay is plenty secure and it would be best not to infer otherwise when so many still have the switch to make. You just have personal preferences/thresholds that differ and that is fine


I’d say Sahej is right though (but not sure why that makes you a hater :joy:). For instance, I have a fitbit which keeps my phone unlocked when I’m near. When I was using GPay I never had to use any pin or use any biometric ID to make a payment, just open the phone and pay. That always made me feel a bit uneasy. Not sure if it’s the same now, haven’t used it in ages.

I could just remove the “unlock with fitbit” option but the convenience of it is just too much to give up!

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It is, you just need the screen on to make most transactions, no need to unlock the phone.

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Another vote for samsung pay here! Recently switched from iPhone and watch to s10 and active watch, missing paying with my watch!


Monzo card should be compatible with Samsung Pay as well!!!

Vote for it here:

I guess, now there are increasing number of Samsung phones and Samsung smart watch users which would want support for Samsung pay.

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It seems as though it’s just the Samsung Watch people that want this. I have a Samsung Phone and have no use for it because I use Google Pay :slight_smile:

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I’ve just come back to a Samsung device and I’m surprised that my Monzo card is incompatible with SPay! Wow come on Monzo, what’s the hold up?


There is no hold up. They’re not building it because there isn’t enough demand to warrant it :slight_smile:


New Samsung Watch owner here also joining the “please implement Samsung Pay sometime soon” brigade :blush:

Hi all,
Would love Samsung pay. I have a Galaxy watch. Would love to use my watch for payments.

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Wish i would have gone with Starling bank now :cry: Just moved my account to Monza.