Cannot add card to Google Wallet/Pay on Samsung Watch


I’ve just bought a new watch, and one of the key selling points was the ability to use Google Pay from it. But trying to add my Monzo Joint card to it is turning out to be a fruitless endevaour.

Before I begin, I’ve been with Monzo for a few years, and the “Add to Google Pay” button in Monzo has NEVER worked, I’ve had to always add the card manually to Google Pay, but that did work so I was happy.

However, now I just cannot get the card added to the watch, if I try to add the existing card to the watch it fails, and if I delete the card from my phone’s Google Pay and then add it to the watch first, that also fails.

The error is these - Imgur: The magic of the Internet (wouldn’t let me upload here)

Support is blaming Google or Mastercard, but my other bank added fine, and that seems a bit of a cop out to me, ultimately I want to use my watch to it’s potential.

Anyone else had this issue?


To confirm, you’ve updated Google Pay to Google Wallet, confirmed all details accurate at and have you also tried adding through the website above to see if that helps?

Whilst monzo may be pointing to Google or MasterCard, there has been recent events where it’s not impacting all under the MasterCard brand, just some.


Hey, yeah I mean Google Wallet, both the app on my phone and the watch is on the latest versions. I’ve also added to to no avail.

If this had been a recent thing that would be something, but I’ve had issues with Google Pay on my Monzo account since I created it, years ago, pre-covid.

My partner has zero issues on her phone, with the same joint account. And this issue I’ve had has persisted over two completely different phones, so it’s not a hardware problem, there’s something wrong with my account somehow.


Just read the topic again, monzo doesn’t support Samsung pay, and not all watches support Google pay unless it’s changed in recent times.

No this is Google Pay, not Samsung Pay - Samsung watches support Google Pay now.

Ah that’s an improvement!

Only other thing I can suggest is ask monzo to remove the tokens attached to the card to start fresh. That would likely remove all from your devices and then need to add them again, with no promise it’ll be the reason why :neutral_face:

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That might be an idea - previously, pre-watch, the “Add to Google Pay” button in Monzo never worked for me, but going to Google Pay and adding it via taking a picture - did work. This continues to work on my phone, but this will not work on my watch, even if I delete the card from my phone and try adding to my watch first. Very frustrating

Another data point - I’m getting the exact same error when adding to Google Pay on my new watch (Galaxy watch 5), but I’m getting it on both my Monzo debit card and also a Lloyds credit card, so I suspect it may be a widespread issue, not something Monzo specific.

Edit: adding to phone-based Google Pay has always worked fine for me.

Also, the workflow for adding to watch is to re-confirm a card that is already live in phone gPay for use on the additional device, so not quite the same as a standard add to Google Pay.

Yea i just got a new phone and while i was able to add cards to google pay on my phone i have been only able to add 1 card to google pay on my watch. Monzo, chase, revolut all wont add to the watch (but previously they were fine on there but i had to reset the watch to re-pair to the new phone).

Same here with a Ticwatch… Has worked on the phone for ages but simply won’t add to the watch - I just get the ‘something’s not right’ error followed by ‘This phone cannot be setup for contactless payments’ (it already is…).

FYI ive been able to add my personal and joint monzo cards t9 google wallet successfully on my samsung galaxy watch 4 this afternoon (last week they kept failing to add)

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Samsung pay started accepting Monzo card in the UK :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:
I just added my card to Samsung pay.

I received a notification from Samsung pay few days ago to say that Monzo card can be added :))

It took long Monzo but you made it happen :+1:t3:

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