Support for Samsung Pay

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Are Monzo going to opt in to Samsung pay, I guess it’s not just me who has purchased the new Galaxy watch. The only digital wallet that can be used is Samsung pay I myself would find it so easy and convenient to be able to pay and tap with my watch using Samsung Pay and Monzo.

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No sign of it at the moment.

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Hehe, you most certainly are not the only one… Samsung Pay has been a big discussion point for a pretty long time (with wearables being one of the major arguments) on the thread Anarchist linked.

(Nasim ) #376

I would like to see the support for Samsung pay

(Alan Bucke) #377

+1 from me.
With Samsung dominating the Android watch space currently, it does seem like the user base is larger than thought (not all Samsung Watch owners use Samsung phones). Very annoying they limit it to Samsung Pay >:(

(Hywel) #378

I think Monzo really need to pull their finger out when it comes to these types of features. I heard of Monzo before Starling so opened an account with Monzo. After looking at Starling though I’m wondering whether I backed the right horse. Starling seems feature rich compared to Monzo but I clearly have a vested interest in the latter!

This topic has been going on since July 2017, nearly two years! It’s clear that the community wants this feature but it seems like their still not considering it.

Rise up! Get your pitchforks!

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I’ve just opened a nationwide account just so I can use Samsung pay. You can say that everyone should use Google pay but I have the Samsung note 9 and on the new UI Samsung apps are so easy to use. The Samsung pay has some amazing native functionality baked in that Google pay simply can’t achieve. For example Google pay requires nfc to be always on which makes my phone beep every time any of my cards get near it. However samsung pay is really easy to use without warning and automatically turns nfc on and off. Also I have the galaxy watch and I had the galaxy gear S3 before that. I’ve researched it and it’s definitely Google’s fault as they’re completely unwilling to produce apps for tizen. The first Samsung watch has Google’s OS but it was terrible. That’s why they created tizen on watches, because Google simply wasn’t putting the effort in. It might be a while, but I think a lot of people would really appreciate Samsung Pay support.


Any reason you didn’t open a starling account? I believe they support Samsung pay.

(Ammaar Patel) #382

Someone recommended Monzo to me. I’ll look into starling

(Colin James) #383

Please add Samsung pay Monzo. Come on, hire a few software developers, and sort this out.

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(Tom ) #384

I can’t speak for Monzo but I think with stuff like this it’s all about priority. The potential user base for Samsung Pay is probably a pretty small niche with Google Pay support already being available. And I can imagine integrating into a new payment scheme isn’t that straight forward and a time sink that could be better used on something which would have a wider reach/impact.

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That pretty much is what Monzo has already said.

It’s all the testing and ongoing maintenance that people forget about as well. Making sure it plays nice with every new feature going forward and keeping the codebase up to date etc.


+1 for supporting Samsung Pay - I would be happy to use Google Pay, but Samsung uses Tizen OS in their watches…

(George Robertson) #387

+1 for Samsung pay. Google pay is all well and good but especially with the new Samsung’s looking to have large amounts of attention, having just picked one up myself, now looking into a galaxy watch I think Samsung pay is the next step. Unfortunately starling has both Fitbit and Samsung pay but with their app being underwhelming the last time i used it, I’m hoping Monzo come out with this because, disregarded the payment options, their features are far superior to starling.

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I’ve started to use my Starling more. Simply because of Samsung Pay compatibility.

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Great news, for you! :smiley:

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(Charlie Kelly) #390

I remember reading something that Samsung are picky with which banks they get Samsung Pay onboard with. This may be Samsung’s problem rather than Monzo’s.

(Michael) #391

I think in this case it is more that Starling share (with other banks) a third party card processor who have already done the integration, so they got it “for free”

(Charlie Kelly) #392

Potentially. I’d personally rather Samsung stopped being so restrictive and just allowed Android Pay…