Support for Samsung Pay

You mean on their watches presumably, as it is on the phones?

Do you have any sources for this? I’m not aware of Samsung actually restricting Google Pay, or being selective about which banks get on-boarded.

With the Google Pay aspect, assuming I am correct that Samsung aren’t restricting it, it is for Google to provide a Tizen app for Google Pay. As an example, it also wouldn’t be Googles fault if Samsung Pay wasn’t available Android devices, it is Samsungs responsibility to provide the Android app for it.

Samsung phones run Android, so they’re not waiting for Google to provide a Tizen app.

I would presume there was a disagreement at some stage and Samsung wanted to run with their own in-house thing. I know you can Install Google Pay on some Samsung models and versions, but some just come pre-loaded with Samsung Pay and that’s it.

Google Pay is much better IMO, so if you can install it, I’d use that over Samsung Pay.

Yes, Samsung phones run Android and I was unaware that any Samsung phones prevented Google Pay. My reference to Google needing to provide a Tizen app for Google Pay to be supported on Samsung smart watches.

Personally, I prefer Samsung Pay and would jump back to it in a heartbeat if Monzo added support for it. But to each their own on that point.


Ah - in that case, yes. Potentially that’s why Samsung don’t want to support it then. However, they could just run Wear OS on their watches…!

My understanding is that when Samsung started working on smart watches wearOS was not great, so they went with their own Tizen OS instead, I guess they’ve perhaps gone a little too far down that rabbit hole to turn back now :slight_smile:

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You can add Google pay to a Samsung phone from the play store. I would love if Monzo had Samsung pay, but i don’t think the market share is high enough for them.

Whether the market share for Samsung pay is small or not their mobile market share is quite significant. By the looks of it, they will not move to Google Wear OS any time soon.
I’m just wondering what would be the cost/dev time for Monzo to support it? Or maybe Samsung has some crazy fees and it’s simply too expensive?
It would be nice to get a statement from Monzo. Just a simple - Yes this feature is planned for 2019. / No, don’t even dream about this any time soon.

If you read up a few posts you will see a few posts from Monzo staff discussing this. At the moment the data doesn’t appear to justify the time involved in making Samsung Pay a reality.

If people want it, now is the opportunity to vote for it and move it up the dev list.


Voting is an expression of opinion only and the number of votes is in no way coupled to the likelihood of anything happening (as I understand it).

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Correct! :smile:

I interpreted the official line as voting could influence which features are built, however, just because something has lots of votes doesn’t mean it will get built.

In other words, the number of votes is a contributing factor to what Monzo build next, but not the defining factor.


Probably a better summary than mine. I agree it is ‘in some way’ coupled as you’ve described. (I won’t edit the original post now to make it look like I said that though…) :slight_smile:

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This conversation has gone very brexity.

Voting is not a guarantee that the feature will get built but it is a very helpful indicator when it comes time to set the priorities for the next quarter.

To give you some measure, in the Card Payments squad, we have a certain amount of regulatory and compliance work that needs to be done each quarter. These must be done above all else. They are typically complying with laws such as Payment Services Directive 2’s Strong Customer Authentication or complying with Mastercard requirements/bulletins.

Next, we support other teams in their projects. For me personally right now, this means assisting various product teams in their projects that involve new card designs.

Then we get to our discretionary projects. These are things we choose to do because we believe they’ll be beneficial to us or because people have asked for it. They are generally new schemes or payment types. :slightly_smiling_face:

So far this year, we’ve been working hard on the first two as a lot of new payments rules come into effect around the middle of this year. This has left all mobile wallets a little under-loved recently, as much as I really want to dedicate time to them. :cry:


Thanks for shedding some light on the process Rika :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s understandable being compliant always comes first. Supporting other teams sounds like a nice and healthy practise. Hopefully payment wizards will get more time to look into this later this year.
Keep up all the amazing work!

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By which point, I would hope that more than 14 people will have voted for this as the topic would otherwise indicate that it is highly sought after (unless it’s just the same people commenting all the time).

If not I fear it would be superseded by something that is in greater demand. EG. AMEX integration.

Not being an Android user why don’t people with Samsung phones use Android pay which is supported.

Google pay is not available on Samsung watches

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That makes sense. I am not sure I have ever seen anyone with one, I see Garmin more often, after Apple Watch.

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