Support for Samsung Pay

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So to summarise what you’re saying, this feature wouldn’t be useful for the majority of people?

I was just curious as to why it was such a low figure when this topic has been around for well over a year and keeps getting resurrected with some strong supporters. For example, I’ve now seen a few people threatening to leave Monzo over it! :flushed:

It seems that everyone has missed an opportunity to show Monzo just how important it is to them, which is a shame :pensive:

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Certainly not the majority of Monzo customers, maybe not even the majority of Samsung users.

I’ve been on this forum for over a year, and for most of that time people have been asking for Samsung Pay, and it appears that Monzo have no plans to offer it in the near term.

Monzo will probably decide to offer it when the balance between available engineering time/cost and benefit to the business makes sense. While forum users’ opinions may be taken into consideration, I doubt that Monzo will base the decision on what some (any idea how many?) forum users ask for.

As The Libertines said, “Never say never, and never say never again.”

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Yeah you make some good points, thank you :+1:

I don’t know enough about Samsung Pay and I have one of their phones :rofl: I was just as shocked as @max.darby to find that they don’t run Android and therefore don’t have Google Pay :exploding_head:

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The only other thing to consider is how many Monzo users own a Samsung Wearable that supports Samsung Pay.

They work with all Android phones (not just Samsung) and iPhones. I don’t think Monzo can get stats for this without research.

If Apple Pay didn’t “just work” on the Apple Watch, I feel with the number of requests and complaints, Monzo would implement it.

It’s definitely better to let Monzo know you want it so they can properly prioritise things (even if they have no plans currently). It may mean a lot to some people.

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The very essence of this community

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Ahhhh I see. Thanks for the explanation! :blush:

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Especially since I frequently link to community threads in internal documents. :eyes:


Turns out this isn’t actually true, at least for the ability to use TfL without logging in. I’ve been using it all day. Some turnstiles appear to want the phone at least woken up (still no need to unlock) but others allow it to be used straight out of your pocket on Google Pay. Haven’t tried in shops…

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I don’t think the argument for Samsung pay over Google pay for TFL is that you can carry out the transaction without logging in.

It is that you can have a card specifically assigned as your transport card, and that’s what will automatically be used when you boop through a turnstile on the tube.

But that card won’t be used automatically when using Samsung pay in a shop. That will be your default card in the app.

Google pay doesn’t have this functionality.


Ah ok. I thought the whole point of the transport option was to allow not logging in to avoid the turnstile panic. Why else would you need to split out transport? My reason is because my credit card (which I use for everything else) doesnt show which transactions are which on a joint account, but I doubt this is that common?

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I’m not sure. I have little to no interest in the transport card feature of Samsung pay personally. I don’t live in London so I don’t know if there are benefits to using certain cards for the tube or something like that? :man_shrugging:


Not that I know of. You get daily and weekly capping if you use the same card for all journeys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the card elsewhere too.

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Actually there is one important stat that we can look at that often gets overlooked. And that’s how many people attempt to add a Monzo card to Samsung Pay. When you have a Samsung device, just like when you have iOS and other Android devices, there’s prompts in the software to set up the Pay system. At this point, Samsung doesn’t know or care what debit card you have - plus, only a portion of our users are engaged enough with our communications to know what we support and what we don’t.

Therefore the amount of people who attempt to add it before finding out that it’s not supported is a significant data point that we look at.

It’s not the only data point - and this of course, doesn’t change whether we have the engineering time in any given quarter to actually build it - but it does have the ability to move it up or down the priority list.


Does that mean that Samsung send you this information, Simon? (Presumably it’s a good stat for them to share if it’s a large amount to try to get more providers onboard).

Edit: or is there a call made to Monzo systems by Samsung Pay to check whether you support the system that you are able to count? :thinking:

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We get a lot of this information through Mastercard. The mobile wallets are all Mastercard Digital Enablement Service and Visa Token Service behind the scenes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s really interesting! Thanks :+1:

I guess the only other thing I wonder is how many people don’t attempt to add it knowing it won’t work or click that supported banks link before attempting it.

As you said, that stat is much closer than guesswork though :slightly_smiling_face:

Galaxy watch and Samsung Pay
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+1 for Samsung Pay please
(Galaxy watch owner reasons)

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Out of interest can anyone close to the matter explain why it would be so much work?

I would have through they would all be similar standards and so one it’s working for one provider it would be more or less than same process for others?

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See my post about 50 above yours (you have to tap/click the :arrow_down_small: to see quotes from @SimonB:

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I’d really love to see Monzo on Samsung Pay. I much prefer the ui and I find that it’s far better integrated into my phone. Also, I’ve noticed that my loyalty cards seem to work better on Samsung Pay as opposed to Android Pay, has anyone else noticed this or do you thnk it’s just a coincidence?

Had no idea Monzo see attempted card adds to Samsung, will do that just to give another +1!