Support for Samsung Pay

(Patrick) #331

I’m suspicious, how would it know? Only thing I can think of is GPS, it knows you’re near a shop.

Does that mean you’re going to get it popping up everytime you walk past a shop? Like the annoying thing Android/Google Pay used to do, with the annoying, ‘You can use Android Pay here’, notifications whenever I walked down the street.

(Matthew) #332

I believe (and hope) it’s only when in contact with NFC, rather than GPS. The GPS triggered alerts on Android/Google Pay were annoying.

(Patrick) #333

It shouldn’t be able to be in contact with an NFC card reader unless it’s being held a few CM away from it.

(Matthew) #334

I believe the point is to tap and pay like usual, but instead of the transaction approving right away with a default card you have the opportunity to select one of your set favourite cards instead. It’s not going to be picking up NFC readers from a distance.

(Rika Raybould) #335

It’s mirroring the behaviour of Apple Pay where bringing the device in range of a terminal causes the list of cards to appear. From there you still need to select one and authenticate. :slightly_smiling_face:

I expect this will somewhat be in response to the increasing average value of mobile wallet transactions as retailers are being forced to implement CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method). This will stop people from accidentally getting declined when trying to pay for anything above £30 by pushing them to authenticate the payment first.

(Nigel Webber) #336

So, I got my Starling card, and can confirm that Samsung pay works well with Starling. Just remember to turn on the ‘Mobile Wallet’ in their app before trying to setup Samsung pay (otherwise it will fail). Not tried it from phone, only from watch. At the moment I will run the two side-by-side, paying from the watch, and just leave the Starling card at home.

The Starling debit card is an odd creation. With its 16-digit number on the reverse rather than the front, and number+text just printed, not embossed like Monzo, it feels like one of those prepaid ‘voucher cards’. I know that some outfits will refuse non-embossed cards (eg for hire cars) as they are more easily copied.

Anyway Monzo, if you really are serious about growth then you will need to cover more bases. Android wear is all-but dead. The only Android-supporting smartwatch worth having comes from Samsung and will likely never support Android Pay - only Samsung Pay.


(Splodf) #337

Ticwatch Pro is pretty good.

Runs WearOS

(Nigel Webber) #338

It was the size of the Ticwatch Pro combined with the slowness of the OS, ancient Wear 2100 processor and subsequent poor battery life that put me off. The 2 screens a great idea, but it needs newer hardware. Back in September, Qualcomm unveiled the Wear 3100 Platform (also pretty ancient in terms of internal tech compared to Samsung and Apple, but an improvement nonetheless) - unfortunately, the 3100 has only found its way into a couple of (expensive) watches thus far. Apple is so so far ahead in this game, but I just cant bring myself to go Apple - I would miss the versatility of my Note 9 far too much. The Wear platform requires google to take an interest in the shape of a Pixel Watch.

(Simon B) #339

Fossil Sport runs WearOS on the new Snapdragon 3100 chip. I may sell my LG Watch Style and get one of these to replace it.

I do think there’s a good chance we’ll see a Pixel Watch in 2019 though.

As for Samsung Pay… We haven’t committed to it at this stage, but support for other NFC payment methods in general (Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin) is certainly something we’ll evaluate in the future.
Interestingly there seemed to be more demand for Fitbit Pay in the recent poll, but all data will be looked at.

Our original development plan for NFC that led to us building out Apple Pay and Google Pay was solely based around people being able to use their phones to pay for things. The fact that the implementations also work on Apple and Google watches was just a bonus.

So, other smartwatch platforms like Tizen, or people wanting to use another NFC payment system out of personal preference weren’t things we were able to account for at that time.

Garmin Pay
(Rizwan Rajpoot) #340

Maybe add it to your product backlog and bump it up. A lot of people using Samsung Pay so it should certainly be a prominent backlog feature.

Without it, you are lagging behind your competition who do offer it.


There seem to be warmer words recently, but (relatively speaking) it doesn’t seem to be very popular:

(Alan) #343

Which is why I have switched to Starling. Keep popping back to see if Monzo have wised up about Samsung pay.

(Gareth) #344

I won’t leave over it and I realise other things are much more important but it would be nice to have :slight_smile:

(Douglas) #345

HI - I am a Samsung pay user also - I use it on the new Galaxy watch and I will probably drop my Monzo account if there is no support.

Not a threat just trying to help with stats on this as a requirement

(Michael) #346

Good feedback. Shame if you feel the need to leave over this, but this sort of response in numbers can concentrate minds

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #347

I wonder why only 4% of people voted for this out of all the other features. Is Samsung Pay a “nice to have” so not really that important when looking at the bigger picture?


It would be awesome to be able to use the Samsung Transport functionality with Monzo. Google doesn’t offer this as far as I know.

(Max Darby) #349

Am I missing something? Can’t people just use Google pay?

(Matthew) #350

Yes, Google Pay can be used on Samsung phones, but it’s missing some features that Samsung Pay offers (see linked post). Samsung smartwatches on the other hand cannot use GPay, as there is no GPay app for Tizen OS.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #351

I’m not surprised by the figure.

  • iOS users wouldn’t vote for it.
  • Non-Samsung owning Android users wouldn’t vote for it.
  • An unknown proportion of Samsung owning Android users don’t use Samsung Pay, so wouldn’t vote for it.

Monzo know how many Samsung users they have, I guess, and so can make a decision on whether to build the service. :man_shrugging: