Support for Samsung Pay

(William Garner) #311 - latest review with the new Qualcomm chipset, still pretty meh battery life wise and reviews so far so I think more users will continue purchasing Samsung watches.

(Jeffrey Morgan) #312

I was wondering why Monzo doesn’t support Samsung pay when Starling Bank does. This could be a deciding factor for me to not switch over to Monzo fully but switch to Starling instead. It would be great to see this on Monzo as I prefer the app interface.

(Marcel Ruhf) #313

Given that they already have Google Pay, they chose not to implement it as any Android user can use Google Pay.
But who knows, they might implement it one day.

(Jeffrey Morgan) #314

Well that’s disappointing. Also that it is a great amount of work is pretty shitty of Samsung. I’ll have to see how useful paying on starling with my watch compares to the look of the apps.

(Gareth) #315

It’s worth noting that Starling use a third party card processor so it was likely much easier for them.

Monzo have created their own card processor on their own infrastructure so this becomes difficult.

(Daniel O Williams) #316

Based on the amount of hiring their development teams are doing. I think this is going to remain the case.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #317

Shame all the Barclays app does is throw ads at me ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Do I want a loan? Do I want an overdraft? Do I want to register for Pingit? Do I want a Barclaycard? Do I want insurance?

Seriously, it’s ceaseless and reappears when I reopen the app despite clicking it away. In the app preferences it promises me that if I withdraw my privacy permissions I’ll still be advertised at, but it just won’t be personalised.

And don’t get me started on the “we’ve got something new for you” banner which returns regularly. No you haven’t Barclays, it’s just you trying to flog your expensive ‘tech pack’.

(Jack) #318

I switched over full to monzo this year, but now that I have a Samsung watch and there is no roadmap to add support for Samsung pay, it may force me to switch to starling.

Being able to pay with a smart watch was a big reason for me buying one, so i’m a bit disappointed that a bank which prides itself on being ahead of the curve technology wise, doesn’t support one of the core pay apps.

I’m sure this will be a deciding factor for a lot of people as the trend towards buying smart watches rises. So not even having it on the roadmap at all is shooting yourselves in the foot… Especially considering your competitor supports it already.


I’m sure Monzo will be monitoring the numbers carefully and if they see heavy numbers moving away they’ll want to find out why, which might lead to prioritisation of Samsung Pay.

I don’t think anyone at Monzo hates the idea of supporting more of the Pays, just that there’s other priorities at the moment. Infinite wants, finite resources and all that.

Do try Starling though - it might suit you better!

(Jack) #320

A workaround should hopefully be available in the UK soon by using PayPal.

Samsung recently enabled PayPal for Samsung Pay in the US and from what I have read, it should be coming to the UK soon. That would certainly solve the issue for me.

(Valeri) #321

What a liability shift nightmare - if something goes wrong who do you claim with - the merchant, the bank, samsungPay, paypal or other?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #322

Never yourself.

(Jack) #323

I mean it’s just adding one more link to the chain. I see what you are saying, but if PayPal get it wrong then that’s on them?

Do you have an example that could maybe put it in perspective?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #324

Well it’s established contract law that when you pay, the contract is between you and PayPal, not you and the supplier of goods/services, so your use of Chargeback and S75 Consumer Credit Act is essentially voided in the event you don’t get what you thought you paid for.

It’s the same with the Curve card.

I suppose in that situation you could sue PayPal, but good luck with that, especially if your Ts&Cs are governed by US law (I don’t know if that’s the case)

Losing that direct dealing with the supplier is quite an essential link in the chain, for me.

(Jack) #325

Well yeah but I don’t plan on making any major purchases through it… I have never had to do a chargeback for something I bought from asda :joy:

(Nigel Webber) #326

Lack of Samsung Pay prevents me using Monzo as main account. Android pay does not work on Samsung smart watches and wear OS is basically dead. Look at the lack of manufacturers building on the new wear 3100 processor in time for Xmas - there is ONE (montblanc) and their watch costs almost a grand! Switching to Starling is certainly tempting.

(jemstone) #327

Samsung Pay has a USP which means you can use instantly on TfL without awakening the device. I live and work in London and frequently use TfL, so I am not interested in Google Pay which is a poorer and slower customer experience on TfL. One of the reasons Starling is my main account.

(Splodf) #328

Wait…Am I right in reading that Samsung doesn’t support Google Pay on their smartwatch range?

And you’re mad at Monzo?

(Rika Raybould) #329

Correct, the Samsung smartwatches run Tizen, not Google’s Wear OS.

(Matthew) #330

For those interested, a new feature has been added to Samsung Pay! The ability to have your selected favourite cards appear when triggered by an NFC terminal. Select a card and confirm the payment with your fingerprint/iris/pin etc.
I have yet to try it out.