Super Dodgy Scam

Literally something as simple as “thanks for the reporting the way here is a list of articles to help you avoid links like this in future”

Baring in mind I have the companies house listing of their parent company including addresses that would probably be a good place to start.(in terms of legal threats)

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The probability of those details being right (and not those of an innocent accomplice conned into thinking this is a legitimate marketing operation or outright stolen identity) is very slim.

True, I do wonder how long it till be before someone falls for the scam featuring Monzo and then more negative press is piled on


Saw this Ad on YouTube tonight. Is there somebody here who can tag somebody from Monzo to bring it to their attention. I’m assuming this isn’t an Ad that Monzo have consented to.

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I’ve seen it as well on FB

Same as this one discussed on forum last week

Super Dodgy Scam

I have seen the same advertising on YouTube none the less
I have URL to the scam if it’s needed

Please remove the URL

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Same here, saw on YouTube (but didn’t click) looked kind of legit as ads go and assumed YouTube would have more quality control on their home page if it wasn’t!

Can imagine my retired mother thinking she has the time to fill in a survey in return of a £750 reward from monzo if she saw this!

This seems very worrying as I’m now seeing this

It’ll be cookies related because you’ve been here. You’re being followed everywhere.

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What is worrying you?