Super Dodgy Scam

Can someone make sure that this goes to the correct person(ASAP) as there seems to be a scam going around involving Monzo and Flash deals
(I’ll report it in my chat as well if that will help)
(and OFC no I did not click/use it)


I wish advertising platforms would be held complicit of the underlying crime when they’re promoting scams like this. As it stands this is no different from someone getting paid by a drug dealer for standing on the streets offering drugs to people, and yet I don’t think the defense of “I was just advertising” would fly once the guy gets arrested.


i’ve seen that yesterday on my facebook feed and a couple of weeks ago there was one for amazon voucher for the same £750

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That CS:GO news though :eyes:


I’ve seen the same advisement on Instagram :frowning:

What’s the scam? What happens when you click the ad?

I really wouldn’t advise anyone try and find this out.


Looking at that URL directly it seems like a scummy “survey” website where you fill in surveys in hopes of winning a gift card (at the moment they’re hawking a 100£ visa gift card). At first glance it doesn’t look like there’s any indication of fraud or anything Monzo-related, just a really nasty attempt at getting personal information from idiots hoping for a gift card.

From their website:

Get Started: Enter some basic information and answer a few questions to continue towards your £100 VISA Gift Card.
Discover: Download and play free online games, try new monthly subscription boxes, discover the best entertainment services, and much, much more. Complete your favorite four deals (purchase may be required) to claim your Reward.
Redeem: Redeem your Reward after completing our Program Requirements, which can be done in under 24 hours! It typically takes our customer service team a few weeks to verify and deliver your Reward.

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Basically its swap of Utility bill for the promise of money Money according

Interesting that they’re “offering” a £100 Visa deal, when Monzo use Mastercard

Probably better if you remove the link to it


It’s not just with monzo though

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Just install an ad blocker and you’ll never seem them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got mine through the google search, also I do think those that are less trusting than others have a duty to report this sort of thing and ensure that something is done to prevent those who are a lot more vulnerable from being taken advantage of

I think nothing about Monzo account…

Even if you manage to find a way to report this (which isn’t obvious), for every one that’s reported there will be hundreds which will take its place. The advertising networks themselves have little incentive to crack down on this given that they make their money off it and so far there hasn’t been any legal penalties imposed for hosting & promoting this crap.

The best solution so far is to promote the use of ad-blockers like uBlock Origin (on Firefox) and AdGuard (on iOS).


I would hope a threat from Monzo’s legal department about not using Monzo imagery in their adverts unsolicited would force their hand. I don’t know what the legalities of using the imagery unsolicited. I’m surprised and disappointed that I have heard literally zero apart from the copy paste from Monzo in-App chat.
As you rightly said Ad-blockers and education of users is the best foot forward.

What do you expect them to say?

They have zero control over this. It’s playing whack-a-mole with a tiny hammer on a football pitch.


Legal threat to who?

The whole operation seems to be about convincing people to install apps/complete surveys under the promise of free money. It’s probably set up by someone abroad (who no doubt runs thousands of these sites/campaigns and has automated the entire process) under a false identity; unraveling the entire web would require cooperation from many jurisdictions’ law enforcement and several industries, most of which make their money off it and would prefer to look the other way.

The only action that could curb this is to hold the biggest advertising companies accountable for this (as they are the ones promoting the scams) but that will never happen especially considering Monzo also relies on them (and pays them money) for their own (legitimate) marketing.

Literally something as simple as “thanks for the reporting the way here is a list of articles to help you avoid links like this in future”