Sumup- Monzo declined?

Hi guys, just a quick question…

I’ve just been to a restaurant called Estabulo which for card payments used the service ‘sumup’.

Are there any known issues between this service and Monzo? I only ask as my card was instant declined before any attempt at a pin was requested. My family of 4 whom were there are all also ‘full Monzo’ account holders. They all had the same ‘card decline’ issue which made me have to put the bill on my credit card.

Wasn’t sure if this was a known or a one off problem?

I think this is an issue with the merchant.

My hairdresser recently took over his own salon this year and he uses SumUp. All my payments have been using a combo of my previous standard Monzo again and my now Monzo Plus account. (Edit I’ll add these were all successful!)

I hope that helps :blush::rocket:


I’ve used sum up many times for transactions around £50 with no problems ( using Google/Android Pay )

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Is that the Rodizio Brazilian Grill?

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Yes it was. The bill was just over £150 but as soon as the card was put it the chip device a message saying ‘card declined’ popped up.

There was no notification generated on my Monzo account so I wasn’t sure were the issue lies… annoying though!

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