Monzo to be processed as Credit Card or Debit Card? :/

Hi Team,

I have topped up my card with £900 with the plan to pay my rent over the phone using the Monzo card. The payment failed to process when the card was put through as debit card for some reason, the only option is to put it through again as credit card but from what was explained to me on the call, I would get an extra charge because its being processed as credit card.

I explained to the person about Monzo and that it’s a top up card but the cashier was unable to complete my payment as the only options they have is either a debit card which failed or credit card that would charge me extra.

What’s the work around this??

Hey @Jamillion I’ll need to pass this one on to the support team to assist you further! Will do this now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you get any sort of decline notification in-app?

You might be best using in-app chat to ask if they can see anything on the system as to why the card was declined.

@naji that’s great thanks once again.

No worries! My colleague Bruno should be in touch via the app very soon if he hasn’t already :slightly_smiling_face:

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