SumUp not taking Monzo?

My barbers has a SumUp terminal and I tried to pay via Apple Pay. The terminal would not accept the card, at all, just kept saying ‘Please wait’ - nothing on Monzo’s end popped up’ (in the app) - I ended up transferring the cash to my NatWest account and using that to pay (via Apple Pay)

Anyone else had this issue?

Yes, I reported the issue via Monzo in app chat - just wanted a community opinion

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Sounds similar to the PizzaHut one the other day. Doesn’t seem to reach Monzo but other cards work fine.

Monzo seem to be showing their strength too… I understand the need to provide an update, but they already did!


Works fine when i’ve used it via my phone ( android )

I haven’t personally had any problems with sumup machines and using Monzo via Apple Pay, which is the second most common way to do things round here after cash.

It is odd as my Post office used to have one of the older SumUp machine (like the barber has) and it used to work fine

I have used that same machine at the barbers before, but I believe I used my physical card on April 28th