Carluccio's Monzo card issues

(Sonia ) #1

Hi Mon(d)zo community!

Had a bit of a pickle at Carluccio’s the other day- paid no problem with contactless, was about to walk out, when the cashier said the transaction didn’t go through, even though it’s instantly showed up on my statement. After a little argument, I paid the second time with chip-n-pin. The cashier explained it’s because the money first goes into a “holding account”, and doesn’t reach them straight away. Had no problem with any other retailer other than Carluccio’s .

Staff also told me this is always the case with Monzo cards, I’m not the only one

Anyone have the same issue?

(Alexis Bachtsetzis) #2

Yes I had the same issue. The lady at the tilt kept asking me to tap again because she thought the money didn’t get through, but (thanks to the instant update👍🏼) I always showed her proof of me being charged through the app. Today she didn’t let me use the Monzo card. Don’t know if it’s a Monzo or Carluccios issue. I visit the branch next to spitafields. Is that the same one you visited as well?

(Naji Esiri) #3

@Sonn3rs Hey Sonia! Just wanted to check with you, did you end up paying twice? Or was the contactless transaction actually declined? Will get this added to the known issues thread as other might have experienced the same thing…:thinking:

(Sonia ) #4

Hey Sporows! Yes, the Spitalfields one (howdy, neighbourino). Must be after the mini altrecation I had with her yesterday. I used to do the same and just show proof, at which they just shook their heads and let me go, but yesterday I tapped and chip-n-pinned it

(Sonia ) #5

Hey Naji, I ended up paying twince, which showed on my statement, so i had to wait 24 hrs and then request a refund, which is now apparently being processed ( i attached a screenshot and she confirmed i ended up paying twice)

Known Issues + Bugs Retail/Food Vendors 👜🍕
(Naji Esiri) #6

@Sonn3rs How annoying! We can also cancel the authorisation from our end if needed, you can just drop us a line via the in app help button. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Shada) #7

very odd, is it a merchant issue or a problem with the card?


Out of interest are retailers allowed to refuse a certain card?


Yes they can refuse any card for any reason (England and Wales, not sure the position in Scotland or the north of Ireland)