Summary start dates

There has been lots of similar feedback (see here:; here:; and here:
[iOS] Get Paid Early bug and budget/summary reset date) around issues with summary start and end dates.

But I noticed today that you can select a recent transaction to trigger the start of a summary period.

Unfortunately this also changes the summary end date.

My suggestion would be to:
a) have the capacity for the summary start date and end date to act independently of each other.
b) have the summary end date function as it currently does, i.e. fixed within certain parameters relating to working days, unless edited by the user.
c) have the “recent transaction” trigger the end of one summary period and the start of the next, but also to have the summary period start from the time of that transaction.
d) (in an ideal world) have this prompted when using get paid early feature.

What do you think?

I think if the end date/time was not determined until you or some event triggered it, it would be impossible to draw the graph, as there would be no way to determine the percentage of the way through the time period you were, or whether you were on track or not. You’d end up with just a graph of your money going down similar to the graph we used to have. I think there’d always need to be an end date set.

I’m sorry, I’m struggling to explain myself.

Essentially, I’m suggesting the system works as it currently does, except when you get paid you can press a button to prematurely end the current summary period and start a new one without bringing forward the end of the new summary period. This would make getting paid early more effective.

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Ah! I get what you mean. So I usually get paid on the last day of the month,so end of my current summary period is 31 Jan… But I get paid early on, say, 30 January, so the next period runs from 30 January to the last day of February…?

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Absolutely! You make it sound so much clearer and simpler than what I said! :see_no_evil:

Shamelessly bumping this thread as it’s payday time again :laughing: