Getting paid early is destroying my budgets/summary

I’m loving being paid early (especially on Friday rather than Monday) but now my budgets are completely out of whack. At the moment Monzo knows a month budget is 25th - 24th, but now this changes every month because I grab my money before payday.

Which MEANS that all the salary I’m spending is now coming out of last months budget (which is all pretty much spent because it is nearly at the end of its duration).

2 painful outcomes of being paid early:

  • My summary is telling me I did great because I ended the month with tons of money (not really cos its next months money)
  • that I over spent on every budget (not really cos I’m spe ding next months money)

My suggestion would be the ability to have my monthly budget run from the moment I chose to grab my salary.

If you’re a user who doesn’t use summary and budgeting, please keep that in mind when you are making suggestions…

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change you month to 24th to 23rd?

I just change the date before I tap to get paid early

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So manually change it every month? Can this not be automated?


I know what you mean. Especially if you are paid on a Friday instead of a Monday.


Theoretically yes, and it would help with those of us with pay periods that don’t fit into the current date options

I am also finding getting paid early is messing with my budgeting and I have all budgets disabled, but still use the summary red, amber, green. I would find manually changing the day every month annoying. I also find that getting paid early and bills pots are affecting bills that are scheduled to come out on pay day. I’m now in the process of altering these so they come out later in the month.

At the moment, it’s either this, or don’t choose to get paid early.


I take the money early but don’t see the need to spend any of it early. I transfer the interest bearing bits early but spend based on the current month and not the early salary. Even the transfers balance out after the first double month was out of the way.

I guess I don’t pay much attention to the final value in the account at the end of the budget period.

So it isn’t all about the spending of the money.

If I am to look at my reports for say, a few months ago to see how much went into pots, how much money came in, how much money came out - these are now completely wrong, which makes even having the features pointless…

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they know their budgeting tool is crap- what about people that get paid last friday of the month etc.

Had plenty of time to sort this out but they choose not to

Hi there, we’ve just removed a whole bunch of posts above as they were taking things a bit off-topic. Let’s keep things focussed on the discussion here, please.

In the meantime, I’ll ask around to see what we’re doing to make getting paid early and Summary work together nicely. (And a reminder that we’re currently letting you hide your ‘left to spend’ in Monzo Labs!)



Thanks for sharing this feedback. Budgeting has been prioritised internally and we want to make it shine with Salary Sorter.

But to set expectations, we’re just starting this journey and want to focus on the problem with a fresh pair of eyes. So we won’t solve this a quick fix for adjusting the Summary dates. It’s still TBC what we’ll do with Summary so don’t expect a solution imminently. We’ll share more about our plans for budgeting soon.


Does this post coming from you mean that you’re involved and we can expect the same level of engagement as with the new nav?

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The engagement here will probably be different than what we did for new nav, they’re two very different projects. But I always try to involve the community in some way.


Music to my ears bruno… if you can somehow make sure custom categories gets into this book of work also ill be very grateful

Hi guys

Have been using Monzo now for a year but getting incredibly frustrated by the budgeting system.

My payday doesn’t fall on the same date each month meaning that I have totally inaccurate calculations of expenditure between them.

There has to be an update allowing you to select the specific time period and associated incoming payment without it then expecting the date to be the same each month.

When do you get paid?

I used to get paid 4 weekly and to get accurate summary periods would manually change the start date of Summary on my payday. This process only changes the current summary date but you can also go to previous periods and amend the start date:

  • Go to the Summary tab
  • click the calendar icon Screenshot_20200119-152017
  • Click “Change” select today