Paid early for Christmas has messed my budget tool

Hi all,

This Dec my work paid in our salary on the 20th rather than the normal 23rd as it was Christmas.

However this has completely throw my budget / left to spend out of sync with what I’ve actually spent in this period and when I’m next due to be paid.

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix it?


You can manually change your summary period. If you go into summary and click the calendar icon and then change the start date to the 23rd.

Unfortunately getting paid early does throw it out a bit.

Agreed. At the moment, the only way to keep this synchronised is to manually change the budget dates evry time you get paid early, I believe.

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This then changes it to the 23rd in Dec so it doesn’t quite match what I’ve spent in Dec.

I reckon I’ll keep it as is until I get paid as normal and hope it syncs it’s self back up.

It is a tad mess though

It is. Paid early is good when it comes before a weekend or bank holiday otherwise the time period between pay days is the same as if you just left it. So it is that balance between messing up summary or getting paid a bit earlier. I tend to just leave my summary when taking the money early.


I fail to see the benefit in using the Get Paid Early feature for this exact reason, so avoid it.

What @Jonny2 is referencing though, is when the employer pays you early, as mine used to do every December.

It will sort itself out if you can manage without summary being totally accurate for a month.

My income gets paid into my Monzo account and then distributed between pots, savings accounts, legacy banks, meaning all the remaining balance is mine to spend as I wish until next pay day, so, while the Summary feature is glanced at occasionally, particularly towards the end of the period to see where my money was spent, it is not critical in my budgeting after pay day.


As others have said, there doesn’t seem to be an elegant Monzo solution to this.

Personally, I’m not sure that there is an automatic solution. I use a spreadsheet to track my spending. My salary goes into Santander (get paid early whether you want it or not, and without the theatre of dragging one icon to another), but it doesn’t get put into the spreadsheet until the first of the month.

That’s the beauty of manual control!

Of course, if we were talking about being paid early now rather than in December, I’d recommend simply moving the money into a savings account until your usual pay day and then moving it back again. That stops you spending any money earlier then the normal monthly cycle (self-discipline can work too, if you happen think that way).

That’s what I did but you obviously can’t go back in time and change that sort of thing.

Ha, I think we both had very different types of Decembers :joy: I defo didn’t do this

The budgeting tool sucks, it always has. I have no idea why you can’t manually just adjust to the exact day you get paid each month.

I get paid on the last Friday of each month which causes me so many issues.

Gave up a long time ago after they weren’t interested in changing it. Priorities y’know.

That’s fair enough. But I use the ‘Left to Spend’ feature quite a bit as my money is normally split across many different pots, so it’s quite useful.

I also quite like seeing total spend on categories, to keep an eye on what I’m spending my money on.

It’s just annoying that getting your salary earlier can throw the whole budget tool out so much.



Apologies for being a broken record, but this is my workaround for your payday cycle (I get paid on the last Wednesday of the month).

I budget by calendar month rather than by payday (so 1st of the month to the end of the month). When I do get paid I immediatly squirrel the money away into pots. One pot I’ve called “salary” and I pay myself a monthly salary from this on the 1st - this is my budget for the month.

By doing this it avoids those awkward months with 5 weeks between pay days causing a headache with budgeting.

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Good idea! But frustrating to say the least.

In the Emma app you can choose the last day of the month (any day) and the budgeting tool does the rest. So it isn’t hard.

As mentioned by @Jonny2 getting paid before Christmas really screws things up. This is a 6 week month unfortunately.

In a perfect world it should detect that when your salary comes in, the new period starts automatically.


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