[iOS] Get Paid Early bug and budget/summary reset date


I get paid tomorrow but used the get paid early feature, however the summary reset date did not tie in with this, therefore I am significantly over for the duration between using the getting paid earlier and the date it’s supposed to reset.

Sounds like when this feature is used, it should also tie in and update the reset date so this summary is accurate. Screenshot explains better.

Details to reproduce:
iOS 13.1

iPhone XS
App Version:



As you can, totally messed up my previous month spend report too.

That’s just the impact of taking your pay early. It slots into the previous budget period.

I agree something could be done to tie the period to the pay itself but it’s set to a date at the moment so it seems to be doing the logical thing. The ‘fix’ is clearly to change your budget period if you want it to start a day earlier.