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I thought that monzo announced that standing orders and subscriptions would be shown the day before they came out. I have three direct debits coming out tomorrow and a subscription to Spotify but only the direct debits are shown.
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Check again in an hour or two. For me the DD’s showed at roughly 0900 on Friday, but my SO only appeared a few minutes ago as due out tomorrow.

I’m guessing it’s because Monzo generate the notification for the DD as soon as they get advised about it, whereas they’re generating SO and subscription notifications the day before they’re due, regardless of whether it’s a working day.

I had Netflix come out today as a subscription but that never appeared in the feed yesterday. Wondering if it should have as now reading about it, it looks like it might just be standing orders that show and not subscriptions :man_shrugging:t2:

Subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify never show up the day before. Just standing orders and direct debits.


I see that now. Why not give the option to show them? They are as regular (if not more regular as they are always on the same day regardless of working day) as the other payment types.

Yeah it would be handy. Monzo would have to put it on your feed based on your history though not on the merchant requesting it like a direct debit.


And I guess if you cancelled it, monzo would not know and show it which would be incorrect. I guess this is the reason behind not including it which does make sense.


Yeah that’s true. But you could switch off the committed spend manually that way Monzo wouldn’t show it.


And it does show up in the subscriptions page anyway with the date of the next payment so should be an option at least to show it in the stream.

From memory, they’ve said they’ll only show payments they’re 100% sure of so that would exclude anything on a card.

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