Netflix amount change not notified

My Netflix subscription came out today and it went up from £7.99 to £8.99 but there was not a notification that this subscription amount had changed. My Virgin media amount also changed, and I got a notification about that so wondering if the notifications about regular payment amount changes only applies to direct debits and not scheduled card payments? If so, why?

Does Netflix show up in your feed the day prior?

I know my Spotify doesnt and when it changed i got no notification :man_shrugging:

Think its something to do with being a regular card payment technically instead of being an actual dd subscription

Recurring card payments won’t show up in advance, unlike Direct Debits. You should have had an email from Netflix about this though.


I did but I thought if scheduled payments were different to what was scheduled you were notified about the difference. This works really nicely with direct debits but apparently not with recurring card payments. Seems like a no brainier to implement.

I wonder if it is possible? How can you predict it when the amount can change at any time?

Seems crazy that this is not already a thing so created a feedback thread:

Monzo don’t know the amount until it is debited. They can’t predict what you’ll be charged, nor do they know in advance (and can therefore alert you in whatever way). That’s the thing with recurring debits.


But if it’s a card payment (rather than a DD) Monzo won’t know the amount in advance, it’ll just hit the account. A DD goes through BACS so they get one business day’s warning of it being debited.


I get that, but when a payment is taken on schedule that is either higher or lower than before, you should have a notification.

So you want to be notified after they’ve taken a higher or lower amount?

Yes, I knew it was coming but expected Monzo to notify me. So many people will not notice regular price changes and Monzo is so good for keeping people in control of their money, this would really help with that.

Makes sense :+1:

At first I was wondering why you’d want to be told about something that had already happened but I suppose I can understand that being informed either way would be nice.

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Not sure if there’s anything in the transaction to denote that it’s related to a continuous payment authority. In which case you’d probably get a notification every time you made another payment somewhere you’d used your card before. At least for cardholder not present transactions. Happy to be corrected on that.

It would because Monzo knew that £7.99 was coming out today (committed spending) from Netflix, but £8.99 came out instead. Card regular payments are even more regular than DDs as they will come out on weekends and bank holidays.

Ah, OK. That’s presumably if you’ve flagged it as a recurring transaction in the Monzo app? In which case yes I guess they could inform you after the payment has been taken. Perhaps personal choice. I get irritated about being told that my DD for a credit card payment is going to be different each month. Of course it is, I don’t spend the same every month… But that’s a different scenario.


Absolutely. However if you had your credit card paid by DD then you would get a notification of the price change every month surely

Yes, that’s what I meant, I do. And it’s really annoying!

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I can see the benefit here.

The only downside might be something like if you have a regular payment and expect other transactions too.

For example I have my Amex monthly minimum on recurring payment, but every week I also pay off a chunk where I can. Would this not pop up that my payment is higher/lower than expected?

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That’s why I’ve excluded my credit card payments from my committed spending. Notifications like that I can do without.

I’m on the fence on this one since I’m not convinced of the accuracy of the tying up of the current transaction with the previous repeat flag. It occasionally gets things muddled when dates don’t quite match and notifications on that basis would be really annoying. Each to their own I guess but I’d hand a ‘caution’ notice on this one - a lot of care will be needed to get it right enough to be useful.


This might be the reason this isn’t currently implemented.