Pending (forthcoming) transactions


One thing I like about the First Direct App is that it lists the transactions that are expected to happen on the next working day.

This means no surprises and I can ensure that there’s a enough funds to cover them. It also shows pending credits.

Does the Monzo current account do this?

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Currently no, I believe there are plans to show upcoming and reoccurring payments in the feed though at a later date.

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Isn’t this more to do with HSBC being so antiquated it starts holding money earlier than the day it goes out? I know with RBS, to cancel a standing order the day before (I think actually 2 days before) you have to make a wish upon a star when filling in the special under 3 days online form or telephone call. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can’t. I hope Monzo’s pots will allow you to assign debits to them so you don’t need to worry about them.


Maybe. But it’s the weekend, so if the transaction dates fell on the weekend, FD knows that they’ll come out on the next working day, anyway.

Thinking about it, no. Not necessarily. The Zopa payment was always scheduled for the 2nd of the month, which happened to be tomorrow.

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That actually may back up my point. Again this is RBS so I am happy to be wrong.

Any payments due to be paid out of your account on a Monday are taken from your account on a Saturday morning, meaning that you have less money available to spend at the weekend.

Usually, these are classed as pending even though they have been effectivly taken. RBS are changing this antiquated system from 13th January 2018.

Either way, your point is a very good one. I would like to see close future payment appear in the feed (with maybe an option to virtually ‘pay’ them early from your funds (Monzo still pays them out the correct day).


Are these debit card transactions, or subscription like payments?

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Natwest has similar, I can see the direct debits that are about to come out the next working day in the transaction list. I think it would be useful to have some form of future transaction view.


They are all direct debit mandates

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