Monzo feed not displaying subscription payments due the next day

My monzo feed used to display any payments that are set as aubscriptions the day before they due to be taken from my account. But past few months theyre not being shown, once theyve been paid theyre on my feed as usual. Can anyone shed any light on this ?

Thanks in advance

Are they card payments?

Only works with Standing Orders & Direct Debits, it has never worked with card subscriptions :wink:

Yeah for card payment subscriptions. Netflix for example used to appear day before but greyed out now it doesnt.

are you sure? CPA payments cant be showing in advance as Monzo literally cant know when they are going to be taken


No, this has never happened because Monzo have no visibility of these payments in advance.

(Yes, they could try and put something up the month after the last payment but they don’t and never have done.)

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