Student loan paid early

I am due to receive two payments from student finance on Monday. One for £621 and one for £3900. The £621 is showing in my account as an upcoming payment which I can get tomorrow (friday) but the other one isn’t showing yet, is this normal? Hopefully it show by tomorrow?


It depends how they are paying you.

If you are due the payments on Monday, you might be able to get one or both tomorrow but you might have to wait until Monday.

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They pay by BACS, I’ve normally been able to get the payment on the Friday. But I’ve never had it so both payments don’t show at the same time

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There’s various reasons as to why that could be but nobody here will be able to tell you either way.

All you can do is wait.

No worries just wondered if anyone had this before lol

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They might not have processed your payment yet :man_shrugging: If one person has theirs showing early and you don’t it isn’t necessarily a problem. If it doesn’t arrive Monday, then I’d concerned :slight_smile:


It was just because one part of the payment was showing but not the other I’m not worried, I have money to ride me over, like I say I’ve never had it show like this before

I’d recommend speaking to the SLC then if you need an answer, nobody on here will know this Monzo or otherwise. As soon as Monzo see the payment they will show it in your account.

Then going forward if you need help calculating when a ‘pay early’ payment could be available, someone has put together the below calculator:

There wouldn’t be an issue having multiple BACS payments be sent out early but if one of them isn’t processed yet, I’d wait until Monday.

If you don’t receive the money by a working day I’d be concerned and call them up.

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