Strong Customer Authentication bug when transacting online

I was buying tickets online and after I entered my card details and the SCA payment screen came up it sent a notification to my Monzo app to approve the transaction, which I did, I entered my pin and… “Problem. Sorry, we weren’t able to approve the payment this time.” only, the payment was approved and it successfully completed.

Details to reproduce:

Transacting online in Chrome (Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)) I have a personal account and business account linked to my Monzo (this transaction was personal) I can’t find where the version number is on my

iOS 13.3



App Version:

3.13.0 #586


Bottom of settings page?

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Ah - below the fold got me :woman_facepalming:thanks for the help.


Doesn’t this mean the merchant didn’t care and approved the transaction any way?

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Monzo said a few time that it may not work for the app and text is better I onky just started using my monzo card and so far no issues

I’ve been here a long time and I’ve never read that anywhere. So source please?

I had a chat with 4m about this in he chat when first setting up I ask about how this would work the in they word that it some time douse nit all ways work from the app and a text in most case is better as some seller don’t support the app way and that’s what theys said.