Issues with Payment Approval through the app.


I’m having some issues with approving payments through the app. It’s happened across a few different merchants now, but it’s causing particular issues with Klarna. My card works through Apple Pay, in person, contactless and Paypal absolutely fine, it’s just online payments causing an issue.

My card has previously been used with Klarna, but has for some reason been kicked off and needs re-adding. When I try to re-add, I’m prompted to approve a test payment through the app. It allows me to enter my PIN to approve, but then the Monzo app throws the error “Problem, Sorry we weren’t able to approve the payment at this time”. I’ve tried adding the card online through chrome and safari, but the issue is happening in the Monzo app so doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve spoken to Klarna and the issue doesn’t seem to be on their end, but I’ve now had to claim financial hardship as my payment is overdue because of this.

I’m waiting on someone coming back to me through the in app chat but if I’m missing something and can get a quicker solution it’s much appreciated.

This probably wasn’t a good thing to do. You can afford the payments and you have the money, but you’re now telling them and possibly any creditors they report to that you’re struggling.

I hope you get it sorted though. The Monzo app support is definitely the best way to go :slight_smile:

Sounds like they are trying to auth an active card check?

Out of interest, can’t you just setup a direct debit?

Can’t you pay Klarna over the phone? Also, can you try adding your card via a computer? Not doing both on your phone :pray:t3: