[iOS] Approve Transaction for 3DS bug - must restart app

Issue: When merchant requires that you approve a transaction, the app freezes without fail every time and to fix I must force close the app and restart it.

Details to reproduce: Click on Monzo to approve transaction - type in PIN number to approve, app then freezes and you are not able to cancel or return. Must force close the Monzo application, restart and approve transaction again.
OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.34.0

I must say user experience is still far better than any other bank regarding transaction approvals… even with this small bug! Fantastic work by the Monzo team.

Not one I’ve had. Try delete and reinstall to see if it persists?

Had this too - end up using SMS to approve transactions, annoying as hell.

Had this the other day, app wouldn’t even load up! Had to delete and re-install and approve by text.

iPhone XS
iOS 12.1.4
Monzo 2.34.0 #504