Stray - Game discussion

Let’s take about Stray

I love this type of game, a walking simulator, but as a Cat! nothing scary - just a sorta gloomy relaxed exploration game. I love it so far

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Doesn’t it have chase sequences?

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Kind of, there’s little blobby things with a glowing orange eye that chase you

I’ve watched a few reviews and it looks good like.
I’ll play it once they offer a free trial for the new PS Plus Extra to existing members.

I’m on edge about it. Cute game

There’s never been a more compelling allure to the PS5 right now than this game’s existence. Exceeds even the temptation of Horizon Zero Dawn.

I still won’t buy one, but I so want to play this game. As soon as it’s available on something I own I’ll be buying it.


I like the idea, not to sure about it though.

Isn’t it free on PS Plus or available for a free trial or something?

It’s free on premium I believe. There’s 3 tiers or some crap. Hope they just drop it to one eventually.

Oh yeah I forgot about the new tier system, my old sub lapsed and I barely get any time to play on my PS5 so I’ve not bothered to renew it.

It makes me sad thinking about how much I paid for it, how fortunate I was to get one on release day and how it’s just sat there :pensive:

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I had Plus from last year, and forgot I had £20 wallet credit for my cake day so I jus used that to go premium, could go platinum for an extra £6 but I wouldn’t play the oldies.

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Do you not have a PC? It’s on steam

Same here, just don’t get the time to play it and I thought I was lucky getting one mid way through 2021

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Mac only household unfortunately. Everything on Apple Silicon now too. Don’t particularly enjoy gaming on my computers either. Much prefer consoles.

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That’s a point! I should try it using Crossover! It allows you to with varying degrees of success, play windows games on Mac silicon

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After playing a little bit more of the game + watched a playthrough (while at work) I did ruin the game for myself, but oh my god, the environments are so nice!!!

I wouldn’t think playing as a cat would be so much fun! It is without a doubt a contender for Game Of The Year


Started playing this last night and pretty hooked already.

Loki my cat was less excited about the cat noises from my controller.

The design is just so fantastic and really lives up to the hype - specifically got the trial of PS Plus Extra to take advantage of having Stray and Ghost of Tsushima.

P.S. Someone is taking commissions to mod your own cat into the game for steam users :eyes:


I seen a Garfield mod :sweat_smile: and Tsushima is amazing.

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Tempted to dust of my PS5 to give it a go now. I really need to start getting into a gaming routine so I can enjoy it more :confounded:


Why is there dust on your PS5?! :eyes: :broom:

Genuinely such a wholesome little game and definitely gives off the same calming vibes as lo-fi hiphop videos on Youtube.

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I’ve been trying so hard to achieve this balance in my life again so I can finally enjoy and complete Jurassic world evolution 2 and then make my own park in sandbox. Just too many other back to back commitments and the older I get the more I prefer to spend my cooling down periods just doing nothing.

Every day this week I’ve planned for a session. But I end up procrastinating with nothing or go back to working on my dog’s blog. Turns out I’ve missed creating websites more than I ever expected to.

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