Detroit : Become Human (PS4)

(Simon B) #1

Looks like it’s finally coming out in May!

I’ve been waiting for this game ever since the trailer came out back in 2015. It looks like it might well be amazing. So many games to play, so little time!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

It looks great! Think I’ll give it a try.

(Peter Roberts) #3

I’m so gutted it’s PS4 only :disappointed_relieved:

(Simon B) #4

PS4 is really winning this generation of consoles as far as exclusives.

Uncharted 4/Lost Legacy, The Last of Us Part 2, Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian, Detroit, Yakuza 0/Kiwami/6, Spider Man, Star Wars Battlefront…

I’m not sure what exclusives Microsoft have coming up, but the ones the Xbox One has had so far aren’t particularly compelling.

(Peter Roberts) #5

I’m pc only days anyway so I’m not even in the console wars :smiley:

(Andrew Ross) #6

I’m excited for this. Loved their Heavy Rain game.

(Richard Cook) #7

Everytime I finish a David Cage I tell myself I’ll never play another David Cage.

So needless to say, I’m excited to play this new David Cage game when it comes out in May.

(Simon B) #8

I’ve never actually played one before, although my gf has played Beyond : Two Souls and it looked good from what I saw.

(Stephen Spencer) #9

Haha, absolutely ditto.

He’s a very childish storyteller who sees himself as (and is frequently billed as) some kind of “auteur”.
All the recent games try to pride themselves on down-to-earth characters with an established sci-fi element at the start, do quite well with that (albeit with a deluge of clichés) but then feel the need to go completely batshit off-piste at the end as some kind of gripping denouement or escalating finale that IMO is completely unnecessary and completely blows the goodwill that was slowly gained up until that point.

After Fahrenheit, in interviews he said he shouldn’t have jammed in all the supernatural nonsense at the end, and he’ll learn for the next one.
In Heavy Rain you can piece together from videos of cut bits and interviews that - surprise! - there was a load of supernatural nonsense threaded throughout and escalating at the end, but they took most of it out late in the day and thus left a load of bizarre plot holes in addition to the leftover nonsense.
Beyond: Two Souls went so ludicrous towards the end I wondered if I was having some kind of fever dream.
I want to grab him by the lapels and shout “STOP IT DAVID, JUST STOP IT, YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS!”.
But he will have blown it again for Detroit.
It will be full of awful AI clichés, some cringey sex scene, some attractive robot walking around in her pants for little reason, and it will spiral off at the end with some preposterous bombast.
But again I will buy it.
More fool me.

(Simon B) #10

Demo is out, apparently! I think I’ll wait for the full release.

(Andrew Ross) #11

I have the game ordered. Can’t wait for this. Heavy Rain was a great game.

(Richard Cook) #12

Oh, and Beyond2Souls is gonna be next month’s PS+ game.

Weird how I can’t remember a single thing from it though. (I think there was a big bit in the desert and Willem Defoe was in it??)

(Simon B) #13

I haven’t played it (yet!) but I remember that bit from when my girlfriend was playing it. There were Native American folk in that bit, I think? And they said not to go outside at night, cuz the animals were getting eaten by some demon or something.

(Andrew Ross) #14

Is it worth downloading?

(Simon B) #15

Apparently this is a logo that pops up in the game! :thinking:

According to @seqilol on Twitter :grinning:

(Only available in amateur ) #16

Subliminal advertising

Nice :grin:

(Matt C) #18

Only just playing this and I am absolutely LOVING it :smiley:

(Simon B) #19

Same - done a handful of chapters and really enjoyable so far!