Start spending immediately after signup with Apple Pay

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #62

Being under 18 should not make a difference to this feature. That’s odd, I’m guessing that his phone definitely supports it? I can have a look if he sends us a message about this :+1:


He didn’t seem that fussed (card comes tomorrow) and he is on an iPhone 6S, no idea if that’s compatible or not?

(Kenneth MacArthur) #64

If I’m not mistaken, the only place in the UI where this option is surfaced is via a pop-up notification which can be dismissed. That’s not great UX is it?

In any case, it doesn’t seem to work for me. :confused:

(Jolin) #65

Are you using the TestFlight (i.e. beta) version, or the normal Monzo app from the App Store? Adding to Apple Pay from the app can’t be done from the TestFlight version due to Apple’s restrictions.

(Kenneth MacArthur) #66

The normal app from the App Store. Apparently the error was due to the fact that I had upgraded from a prepaid account.

It would still be good if the option to add Apple Pay before card receipt was surfaced in a persistent part of the UI.

(Greg) #67

after a long chat in app it looks like this just is not possible, as I’m told you need to receive your card and activate it first…

(Kenneth MacArthur) #68

Yes, which isn’t great, but it is what it is and it’s a one-off. A more explanatory error message might be a good idea to reduce the need for support cases.

However, the use of notifications to surface features which aren’t to be found anywhere else in the UI doesn’t seem good at all - you can dismiss the notification and then you can’t access the feature.


Could be worth asking @bruno about this.

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #70

It’s the first time I’m hearing about this, but tbh we wouldn’t change this if it’s just an error for prepaid users. It would make sense though, to allow customers activating a replacement card that hasn’t yet arrived. Which is similar to this case but affects all existing + future customers. But even then it’s not a high priority use case to solve right now.

YES! We’re working on a new way to communicate new features without using feed items and banners.