Can’t spend immediately with Google Pay immediately after sign up

I referred a friend to Monzo two weeks ago and I told her that she would be able to spend instantly by adding the card to Google Pay.

However, after signing up there was no option in the app (latest version at that time). We then contacted COps through the in-app chat and they said it simply wasn’t possible and that you have to wait until the card arrives.

Can anybody shed more information on this? The blog post is misleading.

You can definitely add your card straight away , I did it.

In the app, by the account tab, under the card there should be a button saying add to Google pay,

If there isn’t I’d try signing out the app and signing back in .

Fortunately she has the card now, but I honestly looked everywhere in her app and so did she - there was nothing. It’s strange that COps also said that it wasn’t possible to do it and that she had to wait for the card… hmm.

I’ll keep this in mind for my next referral and will most definitely check this space and report back!

Did she have full access to the app, or did it just have a looping vid saying wait for the card to arrive?

Yeah she had full access

Definitely strange and surprised the COp didn’t know that, guess it was a bug,