Apple Pay error

Hello guys!
I opened a Monzo account, passed all ID checks. I got a message that I will be able to instantly add Monzo card to Apple Pay. I tried but:

What have I done wrong? Thanks!

Perhaps you’ve done it too quickly after opening your account and things need to be updated at Monzos end? It says please try again later so I’d do that in an hour or so :slight_smile:

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Monzo offered me to add card to Apple Pay in registration process. There was two options - add or skip for now to finish registration process :man_shrugging:

You’re right it should work. I opened my account long before this feature was offered so I’m not familiar with it.

I’ve given my suggestion but someone else who has done this at registration might be able to advise further. Or just ask COps in app :slight_smile:

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Looks like a bug to me. You should be able to add to Apple Pay immediately.

I’d probably ask the in app chat for advice/to fix it from their end. That way they might log a bug too.


One more :bug: there. I pressed PIN button -> asked for Face ID -> app crashed.

Yelp! Not a great start.

Have you restarted your iPhone? And are you on a stable release, or an iOS Beta?

we have just opened joint acc, we expected to add card but after a lot of chat to CS
it ended up we had to wait for card to arrive first.

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iOS 12.1.4
I think PIN button should be disabled or no button at all as my card isn’t activated

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If your card isn’t activated you won’t be able to add it to Apple Pay.

Why? I searched on Monzo web site and found

Hmmm. How do you know your card isn’t activated then? From memory I did this all on sign up and didn’t have any issues. Restart the app (or reinstall) and try again maybe?

Will try now. Because I opened Monzo account today and I will receive my card on Friday only

i did all this with CS but no joy till i received the cards and activated them…
i do think if this is not working Monzo need to remove the advert.
would love to find out if anyone has actually managed to do this.

Might just be a pipeline issue - once the whole process has completed you should be fine - I’d give it a full reset and half an hour or so, should be golden

I reinstalled application. And now I’m unable to activate Face ID

And still unable to add card to Apple Pay

This doesn’t work if you are on a beta version of the App available through testflight just FYI. Has to be the App Store release.

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we are on testfligh now but was normal app store app then we opened Joint Acc

I’m using version 2.38.0 #512 from App Store

Really disappointed :frowning: Will wait for physical card then…
Thanks for replies guys!