Starling Passes

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Not yet :sweat:
You got one? :grimacing:

In your inbox kaboom

thanks… today hasn’t been the one… (weatherwise - maddy sticky though)

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Anyone got a space code? I would like to check them out while I wait for Monzo…

Daniel - why don’t you just get a golden ticket for Monzo rather than waiting - get your Monzo card in a couple of days ?
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Ohhh!! Didn’t know this!

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Ah saying that, I was more meaning about the current account side of things.

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Bruce, mind sharing your pass with me instead?

If anyone has a pass, I’d love one too please!

I think he meant it was quick to use my pass rather than he had another :frowning: sorry

I’m guessing multiple email sign ups

As I was handed one I didn’t need my original

Can I ask why everyone is wanting passes - just to check out the competition? I’d like to be given a run down about Starling, but don’t want to open another bank account just to check it out.

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Just to check out the competition :slight_smile:

Monzo’s app still has lots more features & I don’t see Starling catching up anytime soon. And I don’t need Starling’s standard bank account features because I can handle my direct debits etc. using my legacy bank account, without any issues.

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I am needing to change my bank account and Monzo are not offering yet, Ultimately I will end up here, but want a short term solution

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I don’t get why folks want a very short term option. You’ve ladted however many years with your current bank but can’t wait a few more months. Bizarre.

Not only that, but if you’re going to continue to use Monzo for most of your day to day spending… well I’m just miffed!

They also run a credit check on you regardless of if you want an overdraft (the way I read it anyway). And opening new current accounts in short succession is going to look strange on your credit report.

But what do I know.

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To be clear, it’s a soft check when you open the account & only a hard check if you apply for an overdraft though -

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I have had issue with my current account holder which has resulted in complaint. I want to close my accounts with them. I don’t feel I have faith in any of the high street banks. Hence my desire of Monzo.

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But why have the hassle of moving twice, when you could merely wait a few more months?