Starling Passes

Can I get one please :grinning:

Sits in the corner with his hot coral card :credit_card:


This just in… Scenes from the Starling offices as they watch this thread looking a the new users jumping over from here :joy:


:laughing: you’re not far off there -

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i think the irony was lost on her…

I’m looking for a code. Please PM me if you have a spare one!

What irony is that then?

that she thinks that people are really looking to join (starling) to use the account but will be ditched when monzo goes full account…

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I’d appreciate a code if anyone has one spare!

We would hope. What if everyone finds that Starling are better?! (I’m not a Starling user, have no plan to be.)

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heaven help us…

we would never hear the end of it

I only want to see what there API is like, no plan of leaving - Monzo seems friendlier

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Mine’s been checking my details for about 27 hours. So maybe not that that slick! :sleeping:

Wellllp, I tried installing Starling app from Play store. I had newest lineageOS (oneplus 2), got white screen for a bit, then app crashed. I installed newest aicp instead, same outcome. My device is not rooted. I had mini initially, then stock versions of gapps for each OS.

If I’m really bored, I might go back to official OxygenOS and see if it likes Marshmallow more. :unamused:

Out of the curiosity, did any new Starling user from this thread get it to work on Android?

EDIT: I checked wrong, I was still rooted, lame me. Starling app is unhappy about root, that was the cause of app hanging. Long term, might be nice to actually add info about it… :slight_smile:

The whole signup thing for me took less than a minute.

That said I’m still so much more pumped about Monzo!

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Working on my s7. Have topped up (min £50 from debit card :frowning: ) and card is being delivered tomorrow.

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Yeaah, I was lame, I didn’t check correctly and I still was rooted. I got back to Marshmallow and it works now. Thanks for the info though. :slight_smile:

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You can hide root from apps.

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Could I jump on the bandwagon and ask if anyone has a spare too please? :innocent:

Dude you get one ? B