Starling Passes

(Graeme ) #1

Got a 2nd starling pass if anyone is interested?

Competitor update
Competitor update
(Bruce) #2

Yes please - what I’m interested :wink:

(Simon Tillsbury) #3

I’d love one, but Bruce beat me to it! :sob:

(Graeme ) #4

PMed you the code. Hope it works

(afonso) #5

If anyone else has one I would be incredibly thankful!

(Bruce) #6

You sir are a legend! Took about 3 minutes to setup. Awkward videoing myself say I’m a customer in my office haha

(Andy) #7

Are you still looking for a code adfonso?

(afonso) #8

Yes please! I’d love one!

(Andy) #9

I’ll pm it over to you :grinning:

(Adam) #10

If anyone else has one I’ll take it off their hands!

(Alex Sherwood) #11

I need a pass too please . :eyes:

(afonso) #12

Amazing - thanks a ton!

(Tristan Thomas) #13

I’d love one if anyone has a spare and is feeling generous :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ioannis Karagiannis) #14

Same here, please :slight_smile:

(Simon Tillsbury) #15

If anyone has one, I’d love one too! :octopus:

(Tom Warren) #16

I’ve just received mine, I’ll post here if I get a spare :upside_down_face:


Could I also have one, please? :slight_smile:


Hi I’ll have one of there are any more going

(Marta) #20

This is simply disgusting! So many people flying into Starling arms, when Monzo’s body is still warm. Even Tristan! Even if it’s just checking out the competition! …

Can I have one as well, please? :flushed:

(Tom Warren) #21

Just signed up, process to get there was pretty quick and smooth. Card dispatching tomorrow Thursday, and will top-up when I get paid. Option there to do Current Account Switch but I won’t be doing that, Monzo is way forward for me :trophy: