Starling Passes

Got a 2nd starling pass if anyone is interested?


Yes please - what I’m interested :wink:

I’d love one, but Bruce beat me to it! :sob:

PMed you the code. Hope it works


If anyone else has one I would be incredibly thankful!

You sir are a legend! Took about 3 minutes to setup. Awkward videoing myself say I’m a customer in my office haha


Are you still looking for a code adfonso?

Yes please! I’d love one!

I’ll pm it over to you :grinning:

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If anyone else has one I’ll take it off their hands!

I need a pass too please . :eyes:

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Amazing - thanks a ton!

I’d love one if anyone has a spare and is feeling generous :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, please :slight_smile:

If anyone has one, I’d love one too! :octopus:

I’ve just received mine, I’ll post here if I get a spare :upside_down_face:

Could I also have one, please? :slight_smile:

Hi I’ll have one of there are any more going

This is simply disgusting! So many people flying into Starling arms, when Monzo’s body is still warm. Even Tristan! Even if it’s just checking out the competition! …

Can I have one as well, please? :flushed:


Just signed up, process to get there was pretty quick and smooth. Card dispatching tomorrow Thursday, and will top-up when I get paid. Option there to do Current Account Switch but I won’t be doing that, Monzo is way forward for me :trophy: