Reopening closed Monzo account


I closed my account in December last year am I able to reopen this or get another account?

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Returning to Monzo
(Andre Borie) #2

I think would be the best option as you no longer have a way of opening in-app chat. Welcome back by the way!


I will contact them thanks @Rjevski

(Hugh Wells) #4

Hey @gallifreyangirl :wave:

Great to see you back again! :pray:

We can reopen accounts - as @Rjevski said, just fire us an email and we’ll get it all sorted for you :blush:

(Tom ) #5

Hey @gallifreyangirl :wave: Are you able to tell us why you closed it, and why you’ve had a change of heart?


All reopened and have ordered new card. I am thinking of using you again after the shambles of TSB being my bank and still not being able to access it.


Welcome back Gallifreyan Girl. Since you left there has been the addition of Pots which well worth trying out. Plus “Coin Jar” a special pot for automatically rounding up spending and putting the change in a pot for you.


Wellcome back

That’s a big plus point for Monzo if you are allowed to come back again

Not so lucky for individuals that want to return to Starling

It’s a 12 month ban for them or possibly longer. (No actual definitive timeline given by them(Starling) to when one is allowed back).

( surohpotsirhC) #9

I’d argue it’s lucky for them they can’t go back.

(Kevyn) #10

Welcome back!


They ban you for leaving? Hoho!

(Andre Borie) #12

If you close an account there is no way to reopen one at the moment, and apparently there’s a 12 month ban before they will somehow override that and allow you back in (presumably by opening a new account as their software doesn’t support reopening an account).


That sounds marvellous, well done Starling.

Did anyone order the legacy burger with their fin tech?

(Andre Borie) #14

Old habits die hard I guess, someone must’ve ordered their “usual” :joy::joy:


All back up and running again just to had to reorder a new card.

(Andre Borie) #16

I’m curious as to why you went back to Monzo despite giving Starling a try - what’s the feature that made you come back?



Did you re open your Starling account as well as your Monzo account :face_with_monocle:


I’ve kept my starling account open so going to try both and make my mind up.