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Unless you really put a lot of value in the small difference makers (overdraft fees, foreign ATM fees and a few other small bits and pieces), it really comes down to which app you like the look of the most!

(Dan) #1339

I closed mine for a switch bribe too, about a year ago.


1- How do you define ‘bad’.

2- They have 460,000 customers, and a payments service and expected to become profitable within the next couple of years if I remember Anne’s post correctly.

3- Teen accounts, Euro accounts, Business Accounts, Personal and Joint accounts. don’t see how they’re not consumer friendly.

4- Fee-Free withdrawals abroad, free cash deposits and low overdraft charges. Don’t see how that’s predatory.

Stop making ridiculous facts just for the sake of it!

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(Dan) #1342

Exactly why I wrote obligatory. :rofl:


Aren’t coral crew supposed to be neutral and not antagonize members??

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(Jolin) #1345

I found a few interesting reasons when browsing this forum last month:

(Michael) #1346

Also on this forum and maybe pertinent

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1347

Yeah, Dan, stop making ridiculous facts just for the sake of it!


So it’s wrong to actually research, step outside the cult of Monzo and realise they’re not as bad as I thought?

(Splodf) #1349

Remember, there are facts and there are alternative facts.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1350

I have to admit. It’s some A1 trolling.


Internet banking for SMEs, surely something they’ll roll out to everyone?

(Tom) #1352

I’d imagine so, down the line. Maybe it had to be for SMEs as part of the grant?

(James Prince) #1353

So Starling have been awarded 100M from the CIF RBS fund, anything for Monzo?

(Ben) #1354

Monzo didn’t apply for the first round, i thought they missed out earlier.The fund still has money for other candidates later this year.


It would be a clever move to develop it as an SME service with funding then “clone” it for personal banking

(Tom) #1356

I’d imagine the underlying system would be the same, especially given how proud Starling are about their API etc, so can’t imagine it taking much to open it up to everyone eventually.

(Michael) #1357

Again, for the benefit of interested watchers of this forum, I think we need to take the time, crowdfund investors and otherwise, to applaud Starling’s efforts in this regard