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3 hours and no posts… we know how to kill threads on this forum, just suggest we applaud Starling for something :laughing:

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It won’t please everyone over at the other place for it to be said here, but still this is a nicer (if quieter) place when we can recognise that Starling have taken a different approach and have a different “personality” as a business yet are moving quickly and making big strides

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I don’t know who it wouldn’t please, it’s common sense! :+1:t2: Two businesses getting on with being businesses.

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How terribly mundane!


I get the banner that says I can add a euro account but when I select it I only get the options of business and joint accounts to open!

Starling is a tease…


Does anyone know if Starling has the same feature as Monzo where it tells you upcoming direct debits in your feed?

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Yes it does.

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It also shows upcoming BACS payments :+1:


Thats a handy feature as some of my commercial clients pay with Bacs, so it’s handy to see when it on its way

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Try now. Got an e-mail today saying they were rolling it out and after loging in my account it was there.

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Nope still not showing for me!!

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Did you join the waiting list?

Is apparently only being rolled out to people who joined the waiting list


Monzo show upcoming BACS or starling ? I don’t see advance notice of my salary which I assume is BACS


Yep! Thanks for the heads up!

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Yes I did

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I believe both Starling and Monzo show this.


I’m a Starling account holder myself and generally as things go, I love the account. Not sure I see the point of a ‘heads up’ of direct debits going out from personal accounts, or indeed my pension payment notification popping up the night before, but I guess for some people, stuff like that is useful.

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I find it really useful. The ones that go out on the first of the month I know about anyway. However, DD notifications for things like PayPal are very useful. When you make a PayPal payment and pay from your bank account, they take the money by DD. You have no idea when that money will leave your account. With the early notification, you know the day before how much is leaving your amount the following day.


I use Starling Bank with my Paypal account all of the time, though almost exclusively with instant payment from debit card. I think I’ve only used Paypal direct debit once with Starling for an item I wanted to inspect before payment was taken. I can therefore see the usefulness of a heads up notification in that respect, but I guess I just use my account a little differently and I don’t really need those sorts of notifications. At the end of the day, it’s my ‘man cave’ account so the money in it is entirely mine, separate from the joint accounts I hold with my Wife.

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Me too. For one I just like to know, but it’s also saved my bacon more than a few times as I generally run my account with a low balance.