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Turns out they don’t exchange at the weekend at all, so Revolut is maybe not redundant for me yet!


I found that out this weekend as well.

Due to the extra cost of doing it at the weekend, I’m not too fussed.

But it’s a good point for those people who do need that service!


Not being able to use my Euro account at the weekend is something they need to make clear, because that was an inconvenience I wasn’t expecting, and had to resort to another account.

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The thing is, they made it very clear without making it clear! I know that makes no sense, but they put several times throughout some twaddle like ‘remember, the money markets are only open Monday to Friday so if you have payments they won’t be made until Monday’ and such like that, but it’s worded in such a way every time that unless you know what they’re saying you won’t understand it necessarily. They’re skirting around it but I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or just because they’re trying to be informal and ‘on voice’.

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I wouldn’t mind owning some shares in Starling. Given how positive Monzo’s raised are universally seen by its members, I wonder why Starling decides against this.


I’m someone that doesn’t get subtle so would never have got that is what they are saying lol

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All evidence suggests that Starling are really much more happy when they’re working out of the spotlight and not having to interact with customers in any setting other than CS

That is not a slight on them, but they’re very much the opposite in personality as a business


Strange… I signed up when first announced maybe Nov last year… And repeatedly since then…

No email.

Maybe being punished because Monzo was my primary GBP and starling was only used testing things and low balance :frowning:


Have you updated the app?


more than auto update ??

Appears to be

Is there a beta channel ??

EDIT you may have me there… its currently on a second phone and its not got the feb 13 update…

Thanks !!


damn… nope… and still no EUR account option under Get another account


Starling doesn’t want the plebs getting their hands on its shares - plus means less money for Anne?


Best Starling feature. Was able to CASS it to earn money from First Direct. They need to big up that feature.


Do you mean you switched for a switching bribe to first direct, or CASS from first direct to Starling?


I used it to get a switching bribe from First Direct. Great stuff. Deleted a redundant account and as a bonus, I can mute this thread.


Why would you even want to leave Starling though?? It’s the worst mistake I ever made, and they’re a 1000000x better now! I just don’t get it.

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Cause they’re bad. They’ll never hit mass market. They aren’t consumer friendly. And some of their fees are predatory.

Sources: none

Obligatory /s

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I closed my Starling account.

I think it’s a struggle to differentiate between almost all of the fintechs at the moment.

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So did I. Never really got on with the app. NatWest paid me for it.