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This is weird


What did you moan about?

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Turn them both a quarter turn to the left and they will get less weird. Remember to remove the packaging before eating the chocolate. The socks go on the feet, not the hands…


I didn’t moan about anything!
What did I do to deserve this?
No message in app or package.

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Normally you get them in response to a complaint or poor customer service. Nothing like that recently?

Socks are quite comfortable, I was given a pair by someone who didn’t want them


Well, I intend to complain now!

At no point did I consent to my data being used to send me treats :joy:

I actually made a complaint quite some time ago, but the responses were so incompetent from CS that I just gave up replying. I wasn’t going to do their work for them. They couldn’t even put together the multiple chats it was split across.

Oh well, got some socks then.

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That’ll be an interesting chat. “I did not consent to my data being used to send me treats. I demand you use my data to send me more treats as an apology for the previous treats”. See if you can get the Starling gloves or flask :crossed_fingers:


A flask?! No way. Who’s had that?

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Only seen 1 photo of it, not sure if it was on twitter on the old forum. It exists but not sure if it was ever released in the wild :grin:

(Sacha Zarb) #1115

As ever with Starling, I’m fascinated to see who buys them, money has to be on RBS at the moment with the deal they’ve done. Question isn’t a case of but when.

(Dan Mullen) #1116

I see so many of these type of posts yet no-one has ever given a good explanation as to why they think this way.

Starling has built a platform that allows them to earn revenue from a number of different channels. It’s likely they’ll be profitable next year. Why would selling to a big bank be a good idea?


Let’s wait for annual reports…
Where is Monzo and Starling

(Thomas Horne) #1119

When I met her I had the sense that Anne wasn’t interested in selling in the slightest; I doubt any sale will happen at least for the foreseeable future.


A platform strategy and a sale strategy can look very similar - both involve getting cosy with the big players.

(Sacha Zarb) #1121

That’s my view on it, a big player adopts the platform, and thinks there is no way I’m letting x and y big 5 bank to use this too, so I’ll buy it. The lack of interest in customer numbers seems a thing for me as well.


Sure, they may want to buy it, but Starling’s ownership means they can pretty much do what they like - particularly once they’re profitable.

(Ryan) #1123

It’s people using it as their main account and using their overdrafts and loans that matter, not how many customers they have.

The biggest problem monzo and starling have is convincing people to switch and not just use the account for spending.

(Gavin) #1124

Ive just seen Starling Bank advertising on the side of buses in london

(Sacha Zarb) #1125

Well there seems to be growth for Monzo on that, if Tom tweet is anything to go by. We have no idea what Starlings numbers are like in comparison.

And what is Starlings ownership make up like in terms of investors?

(Went and googled, was being lazy, and interesting to be to have one and one like that)


On the investor side, I don’t think much has changed for starling since 2017, unless I’ve missed something (highly possible!)