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I remember those days, and I was one of the people moaning. We weren’t complaining that the app doesn’t work but rather Monzo coming out and actively saying that they won’t make it work at all until final release day. That’s why a beta exists. To see what broke your app, fix it and seek feedback.

But enough of this off-topic stuff, this should probably be moved to the WWDC thread @Feathers


The logic being that the funds were awarded to different companies to promote competition in the market place , that they were given to companies that didnt , or couldn’t use them to the detriment of other bidders, and then had to return them doesnt really mean Starling should get more funding from the same remedies fund, as that wouldn’t promote competition it is only consolidating Starlings advantage :slight_smile: sour grapes lol


This looks good.

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Looks good, monzo already does this in the feed doesn’t it?

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I think the answer is “sometimes”.

This is an interesting site (and worthy of its own thread):

That tells us that Monzo doesn’t do what Starling is showing in that tweet: an alert to explain why a transaction has been declined when a card is frozen.

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Hmm that’s strange. I was positive they send a push notification and a feed item when your card is frozen so I did a quick test.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, they do send those :thinking:


Pretty amazing stuff by Starling lately!! They’re really riding waves bringing out new features, new products and growing their share of the SME business banking market. I would be really surprised if they didn’t receive both of the two new BCR grants they were gunning for.

I say Anne was up on her desk dancing when Tom was terminated from the board and “stepped” down as CEO after the down round.


lol- I’d be amazed :slight_smile: yay Starling, Star ling , Star ling Starrrr ling, where are my cheer leaders emoji …yaaaaaay fozzie bear… rah rah


So the US$ account is for business only at the moment, by the looks, anyone seen anything to indicate this is coming to personal accounts any time soon?

Not that I’ll be travelling to the States any time soon, what with the whole pandemic thing going on, but I can dream…

I’d be surprised if they did, kind of would defeat the purpose.


Not sure if this is new or not?

completely agree with it.
it was release somewhere in June and i do think that’s great

I’ve been using it about a month ish, recall moving my savings over to Starling and saw I could organise my spaces back then

Come on Starling. Custom budgeting periods next please. Then I can’t think of anything I want, or need.


Absolute state of this


Unsurprising :joy:

I’ve never understood why choosing a bank should elicit such strong feelings.

Let’s all choose our banks on their merits and avoid hero worship of whenever you choose to hold your current account(s).


Just switching to this notification after unwisely taking a look in at “football Twitter”. Same energy

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Don’t suppose they’ve mentioned about their credit card offering recently?

Looking to ditch Tandem but see no better alternatives currently.

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