UX of Banking: Built for Mars

Anyone else following this series? Some super interesting thoughts about user experience in banking:


Yes, I’ve been reading it every week it has been out. Very interesting where the challengers, and the high street, get things right, and equally where they get things very wrong.

The author’s attention to detail and productivity (multiple data points) is excellent.


I have just had a look at it as I was intrigued by this thread, it’s a very interesting read.

I think it’s easy to forget how much progress has been made by the neobanks on things like account opening since it’s something you only need to do once - but the figures on this really highlight the improvement.

Progress is being made and this will keep up the pressure on the traditional banks to innovate more.

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Thanks for sharing. Really good read. Echoing what’s already said but love the detail and all the data shown.

Sometimes wish I’d gone with Barclays as my non-Monzo over first direct when I switched a couple years ago but hey.

Impressed with some of Revolut’s stuff although I will never in my life like or understand their design.

Pretty shameful confirmation for Monzo of the forum discussions recently re out of hours replying. I remember when I’d get a chat response within minutes, and even once at 4am when my card had been cloned and was being used for transactions in Brazil! Sad that I can no longer talk about this positively.


Good point about Revolut!
The range of features is good but discoverability is difficult.

At least First Direct now has cheque imaging (although this might not be important to you).

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I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a cheque, but that’s good to know they’ve got it in case I do!

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