Standing orders disappearing

This is a heads up for anybody else. One of my standing orders disappeared from the list of scheduled payments. I figured I’d probably accidentally deleted it, but that didn’t feel quite right, so before I did that, I checked up on the in-app chat.

After about an hour, I got a reply and the Co-op said they could see the payment on their side, but acknowledged I couldn’t see it on mine. They’ve said something about referring it to a specialist, but haven’t confirmed it’s actually happened, about 2 days ago now. I’ve heard nothing since, total radio silence.

Not expecting any help from making thread, but figured I’d give others a heads up in case something similar has happened and they’re inclined to just remake the standing order, resulting in a duplicated payment. In my case, that’d have been my hefty rent of £1000 x 2… as it stands, I have no ability to cancel that order if I wanted to right now, nor clarity on whether it’d actually get paid and stop me from being evicted. I’d expected Monzo to put more urgency into this, I’m quite disappointed. :frowning_face:


Thanks for the info. I’ve checked mine and they look OK so far - I’ll keep an eye on them.

Out of curiosity, was it a SO assigned to be paid from a pot or straight from the account?

Does it display again if you do the uninstall/reset phone/re-install/login to app dance?

Are you both on iOS?

Mine appear to be there on Android. I do pay them from a pot

It was to be paid from a pot (but another SO I have, also from a pot is still there) and I’m on iOS yep. I have tried reinstalling. Ironically, I think the SO disappeared when I reinstalled the app for a different reason, but I’m not 100% sure.

I assume if Monzo can see the payment it would still go out? Or did they not confirm this?

I guess it’s not such an issue if it’s a visual bug?

They said they can see it, they didn’t confirm it would still go out. (I assume it will, but who knows…)

It’s not such an issue? Had I not double checked, I’d have set up the standing order again, which would have meant I’d be double paying my rent. Nor can I find any way to cancel my standing order now, nor can I amend the value of the standing order. I’d say it’s a pretty serious issue.

I wonder if this is related to the iOS double-payment issue in some way?

Edit: I’ve added the ‘Bug Reports’ category to the post.

Sorry ignore my post, I was talking about a DD ,misread the post at that time of the night.

Sorry you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. I’m in total agreement with you although re-reading my post it’s not clear. A case of hands not doing what brain is thinking.

Definitely a serious issue for the consumer, less serious (Monzo side) if it’s a visual bug.

Ah cool, gotcha. Agreed. :ok_hand:

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Yep just noticed one of mine disappeared. It was for a regular payment into a pot that I pay some direct debits from