Mis directed standing order

Hi all
I recently joined Monzo and thought I had set up some standing orders so had a ‘chat’ and asked advice. Was told they seem fine so should be ok. However 2 have been paid and because I had filled them out without a reference number in correct place they are now not found by the 2 companies? Can anyone advise before I delete them all and leave Monzo as information I got from person in chat added to my error x

So you want to blame Monzo for not spotting that you hadn’t put a reference? Is that the gist of it?

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Without the context of what you said to them exactly it’s hard to comment on the quality of the reply

If you ask in app they can give you reference numbers that the companies can use to trace the payments

No I asked had I done it right they said yes. I never saw where to put my reference as it says paid from Monzo.
Just having a moan like others here. X

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Did you say that the payee needed a reference number entered? Not all do and that might be where the confusion came from

If the recipient has your name, the date/amount paid, and that the reference says Paid From Monzo, they should be able to track it down, surely?

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Emma thank you for your time to reply they did that but company still says payment cannot be found. Do I pay them again or keep asking them to look for it lol x

Argh, difficult one. If you pay them again there’s no incentive for them to keep looking

Have you sent them screen shots showing the payment was made?

Thank you Hatticus
I will keep trying them

Emma never thought of that!! Yes I did screen shots. My ref should have been put where it says ‘paid by monzo’
Thank you I feel better having this chat now so will keep asking them to keep looking and I have rectified all standing orders :roll_eyes:

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If they can see clearly the money was sent (even without the reference) then it can’t be that hard to find

If they keep fobbing you off then ask how to make an official complaint. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Thank you so much Emma x

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Hey Maria. Get onto monzo chat and ask them for the TRN for the transactions. This should help the people who received the payment find it with their bank and hopefully redirect it correctly or send it back for you. Hope it helps.

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Hi Brian
Thanks for your time and advise. Will do thank you …

I did this once, forgot the reference so I sent a payment of 1p with the correct reference. Once they found that it was easier to locate the one without the reference.

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I like that thanks for sharing. I will do that no fail! I’m not alone lol x

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Hi Maria, sorry to hear about this.

The best thing to do would be to drop us a message through the in-app chat, if you haven’t already. Unfortunately there’s not much more help we can give here on the forum.

Hope this all gets sorted for you soon :slight_smile:

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