Standing order declined

Standing order declined today. What’s wrong with Monzo again? Second time this week

Presumably you had sufficient cleared funds ? (Just wondering) !

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Current balance £500 and standing order for £50 declined.
Few days ago Monzo declined card payment to iTunes

Monzo status page says all’s ok

What bank were you sending the standing order to?

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Is it a standing order that has successfully worked before, or a new one?

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All worked fine before - not the first payment

Might have been a problem in NS&I’s end :woman_shrugging:

Can’t see any problem for either on Twitter so probably best to start an in app chat

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Good advice ! :+1:

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Yes! Confirmed by Monzo.
Received almost instant reply in chat :+1:t2:


Often the reason a standing order doesn’t go through is because the receiver’s system is offline and unable to accept transfers at the point it was made.

Sadly there isn’t much we can do in this situation.