[iOS] Payments bug

I think I’ve found a bug…

Click payments tab

Click pay at the top

Click contacts name

Click Monzo account

Type 25

Click send

Enter PIN

Click pay

…and I get returned to the PIN entry screen, rather than seeing a success/fail message.

So I cancelled it and checked my balance, and the money had already been sent.

iPhone 7, iOS 12.3.1, Monzo 2.54.0 #538 (TestFlight)

I’ve had this before. Ended up sending the payment twice. Quite a big bug.


Yeah I’ve seen this too and ended up sending two payments because of it.

Feels like there is a lag, then the screen refreshes to the ‘wrong’ place so you think it’s failed but it hasn’t…


Also had this, it felt weird how the screens changed so I closed the app and opened it and saw the money did in fact send :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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