[iOS] Payments bug

I think I’ve found a bug…

Click payments tab

Click pay at the top

Click contacts name

Click Monzo account

Type 25

Click send

Enter PIN

Click pay

…and I get returned to the PIN entry screen, rather than seeing a success/fail message.

So I cancelled it and checked my balance, and the money had already been sent.

iPhone 7, iOS 12.3.1, Monzo 2.54.0 #538 (TestFlight)

I’ve had this before. Ended up sending the payment twice. Quite a big bug.


Yeah I’ve seen this too and ended up sending two payments because of it.

Feels like there is a lag, then the screen refreshes to the ‘wrong’ place so you think it’s failed but it hasn’t…


Also had this, it felt weird how the screens changed so I closed the app and opened it and saw the money did in fact send :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow - didn’t realise that people before me had experienced this! I had the double payment bug yesterday and asked in chat for help (& posted a bug report separately on here), 12 hours plus since being escalated to second line support still no communication!

21 hours - still no actual response…

Well finally got fed up of the vacuum of lack of response via chat and so called the freephone number - after 5 minutes hanging on and thinking they were going to cut me off(!) someone did answer and took me through security- phew I thought- unfortunately it was a mirror image of the first chat - we’ve escalated this and no further details. I queried about why no chat update and she just said they’re very busy and will get back to me but no timeframe. I have to say this aspect of Monzo I do find very worrying with no service level agreements with customers seem to be in place and very poor (non existent) communication through the process. What a shame as I truly like the app and it does largely work as it should but the support model currently when there is an urgent problem is broken

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Cannot help but agree ! I’ve been full Monzo for just over a year with no real problems. But if I really urgently needed help on the spot I do worry due to the current customer service situation.

Yup - it’s now 25 hours and no response to a duplicate payment! Thank god it was only £20 and not a larger payment!

Now rectified after 5 days with help from second line support - however they do acknowledge this is a bug and there is as yet no time estimate for a fix

I’ve had this a few times too. I believe there are some other threads on this.

Crazy that it hasn’t been fixed after all this time though.

I got some PMs from Monzo over this but they were unable to recreate the bug. If anyone manages to capture it, it might be worth sending them a video.