Edit standing order from CASS

Just a quick one guys and girls.

Is there any way of changing standing order dates without having to delete the current standing order?

Would appreciate advise as i get paid the last working day of the month so if course I would love it if I could change the standing order date as I have rent that comes out on that day and I know standing orders don’t go out over weekends.

Thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

I believe you have to delete and recreate

Thanks for the reply, I think this is something Monzo need to look into though would be great to have the option to edit standing order dates especially for things like rent payments

From memory, standing orders are editable. It’s pot transfers that aren’t.

I tried to go into a standing order on my account and it said it couldn’t be done, could this be because I am in the middle of a switch from my old bank to Monzo?

Ah. Standing Orders switched from elsewhere aren’t editable, I hear, only those created directly from Monzo. Imported ones also behave differently, e.g. skip weekends like other banks do, where Monzo ones will run even at weekends.

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Right starting to make more sense, so if I was to cancel the one from my switch and then recreated it in Monzo would I then be able to edit the dates going forward by doing it that way?

I’ve just checked my Monzo created standing orders and they are completely editable, including the date.

Amazing thank you for checking that, so should I cancel the one that is from my switch and create it again in Monzo then?

Sounds like the best plan :+1:

I would

Just cancelled then recreated and able to now edit, great stuff, able to keep track of everything much more effectively now.Thanks for the help guys much appreciated :smiley:


I’m having some problems with this. Just went in an edited a standing order and it didn’t update, so tried again twice and still didn’t work. Then when I cancelled the standing order to set up a new one there were multiple duplicates listed. It seems that after you save it you have to go right back out of it before it updates otherwise whenever you try to update it just creates another standing order.