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I pay my rent via standing order, and when selecting the date mid last month when moving things over, I selected “1st October” as the day to pay, it then came through in the list as “30th Sept” which I found odd, but I cancelled and tried setting up again, I’ll just pay it a day early and fix it in November might be because it falls on the weekend and I know Lloyds were funny with that…

The money left today, and I cancelled the standing order to make it for the 1st November, however it now says 31st October, not tried setting up for any other dates, but it does seem to get a little confused, the 1st November falls midweek so it can’t be the weekend issue!

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Have you reported this in chat?

BACS does operate on a 3 day cycle so it may be that the outgoing payment is shifted a day or so to get it in sync?

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This is a known issue (I’ve reported it already) & have been told that the team’s working on a fix :slight_smile:

Having said that, it wouldn’t hurt to report this the via the chat, as Hugh’s suggested, in case they can learn more about the issue from your data.

At the moment, I’ve just left the SO to come out a day early but it might be worth trying to set it as the 2nd / 3rd / 5th of the month, in case it’s just the irregular length of different months that it’s struggling with, as a short term workaround.

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