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My understanding at present is that the CA app doesn’t currently support standing orders. Since my rent isn’t paid via direct debit and the onus is on me to do the bank transfers starting in October, my question is:

If I make the regular payments work in an automated fashion myself, am I going to be violating any of the terms associated with the current account - or is it considered okay?


At least in the iOS app there is support for standing orders, I’ve got one set up for my rent. Not sure about Android though.


It definitely supports standing orders as I have two setup.

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100% supports standing orders :smiley:

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On iOS it supports it, but I only found it in the second step of sending a payment via BACS.

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Ah, so turns out you have to enter all the recipient details under the “bank transfer” form first, proceed to the next step and then toggle the “schedule payment” switch to get this to work.

Thanks all for your replies!


Hi, I pay my rent through standing order as well and was a bit confused when setting up the repeat schedule. It says that months with less than 31 days will go out on the final day of the month. Does that mean you can’t specify the day of the month the payment goes out? (On android if that makes a difference) thanks :grinning:

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Hey, I had the same question. Turns out it’s just poorly worded from what I was told on Slack - it goes out on the nth day of the month as you’d expect unless e.g. n is 31 (which means it goes out on the last day in Feb).

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